Garmin Presents Its First Fitness Bracelet for Children

The Swiss manufacturer Garmin, one of the leading brands in the fitness tracker sector, now also has a corresponding product for the youngest. This is the vivofit jr., A watertight fitness bracelet for children. As a target group, the company defines the four to ten-year-olds. In addition to the classical functions such as a step counter, the measurement of calorie consumption and sleep monitoring, special features have been integrated for the little ones.

Visually reminds Garmin vivofit jr. Strongly to the vivofit series for the adult audience, but has been visually adapted as expected for the taste of the little ones. Accordingly, there is this children’s fitness bracelet in white with flower patterns or in red, which is especially the girls should like. For the boys the tracker is available in green with a camouflage design. As is typical of Garmin products, other bracelets are available for purchase, which can be easily exchanged. The name of the child can be displayed and favorite motifs can be selected on the display.


But now to the functions of the Garmin Kids Fitness Bracelet: It records the steps, the activity and records the sleep quality – the tracker does not differ from adult models. Likewise, a movement reminder is an acoustic signal to these standards. Of course, the motivation for more activity has also been adapted to suit the child: A small animation starts with reward as soon as the day’s goal is reached. If other family members also have a Garmin tracker, small challenges can be started. At the end of the week, it becomes clear who has been the hardest.

However, what makes the Garmin Children’s Fitness Bracelet especially target-oriented is the playful enjoyment of daily or weekly goals. The children are challenged with sporting challenges or they can enjoy entertaining adventures. The parents also have the opportunity to provide their apprentices with the Garmin Kinder Fitness Armband app. This can be, for example, the cleaning up of the room or the completion of the washing-up. If the children are able to do this, they receive certain rewards, which the adults also fix. If the tasks are to be completed within a certain time, a timer is available to keep track of the duration.

The battery life is one year. As with the current fitness belt vivofit 3 for the adults, Garmin dispenses on a battery and saves the users a regular recharge. From October, this children’s fitness bracelet comes into the market. The manufacturer gives a suggested retail price of 99 Swiss francs, which is slightly more than 90 euros.