Fundstücke: What’s Going on Ebay?

Who collects vintage watches and regularly buys on ebay, which knows it: it has set up a forever long watchlist, many search terms and filters. Only you can never buy all these watches-after all, every budget at last.

For this reason, and because I noticed some interest in the form of comments and clicks on Facebook, there is now a new series: the Find Friday (ebay affiliate link).

You will get an insight in my ebay watch list. More precisely, I list you, which I find (vintage) watches currently interesting, but (unfortunately) don’t get me. Be it that I already have it or the budget just not for all watches available on ebay ranges.

In total 20 vintage watches from Omega, sense, Seiko, universal Geneve, Dugena, BWC and Tag Heuer are at first Finds Friday (ebay affiliate link). As regards prices, everyone should find something. Some watches are currently in the double-digit range and will go away probably quite cheap. Others are in the four-digit range and can be purchased only via buy it now or best offer. You have the choice.

The watches and seller make a reasonable impression so far. However, I remind the security:

Subject to change-and please always exactly check everything!

You can find here in the blog the one or the other article to this topic (E.g. vintage watches-where to buy? (Teil 1))

Also worth a look: how are the reviews of the seller? Can you pay with PayPal? There is a buyer protection? Is the dispatch insured? Is there a right to Exchange? etc… Tell us through aristmarketing.

What is now important to you and you’re as prepared to take risks when buying online, is of course you left. My duty of care should be hereby fulfilled.