Freshhotfly:Pebble Smartwatch Now in Color

The well-known Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has brought a colorful version of its eponymous clock on the market. The FreshHotFly Edition will appear in a limited edition.

The new colored Pebble is available in three variants, which this time both bracelet and watch case are held in a bright color: fresh is a bright green, hot of a flashy pink and fly a sky blue. All versions cost as the original Pebble $150. Extent to which the colorful HotFreshFly pebbles are limited, the company did not say.

So far looked the clock via Kickstarter-funded understatement: in addition to a completely white Pebble, there are variants with a housing in red, the bracelet is black, grey, and orange – but always black. In addition the more classic-looking Pebble Steel in black or polished stainless steel – which costs but also $250.

This morning, an alleged photo of a pebble with colored display popped up on the Web. There was no official statements to do so however.  (nh)