For the Halo Egde Fitness Bracelet the Hydrology Has Priority

Fitness bracelets of the future are not just characterized by counting the steps and measuring the heart rate – according to the opinion of the company from Michigan, Halo Wearables. A very important parameter is in the eyes of the manufacturer of the water balance. For this reason, the Halo Edge is a tracker that keeps the wearer constantly informed of the flu, whether he has taken enough liquid, or whether it is time to drink again.


The fact that Halo Wearables is correct with this view is shown by another example. A few months ago, the startup BSX Athletics had presented its LVL fitness bracelet on kickstarter. This also keeps a constant eye on how the user’s water balance is ordered. The innovative Wearable has not only been successfully financed, but has also become one of the most successful campaigns of all time on the Crowd funding platform.

While the LVL fitness bracelet will be delivered next year, the Halo Edge is already available. It is also somewhat simpler, for example by not counting an optical heart rate meter. For this purpose, however, it controls the degree of hydration very precisely. In the Tracker, LEDs are integrated, which provide the user with four different colors to determine the level at which his water balance moves. A green light means that everything is optimal, a yellow indicates a gradual water deficiency. If the lamp lights up red, then the body has too little liquid and when it flashes blue, it has too much of it.

In the first few days of wearing the Halo Edge Fitness Bracelet, the device learns to understand the individual hydration of its owner. The data is sent to the platform belonging to the tracker, where an evaluation takes place. In addition, there is also a software for the PC and a mobile variant for smartphones and tablets.

Halo Wearables considers this technology to be forward-looking. The fact that the water balance plays an immensely important role not only for athletes but also, of course, for each individual, is proven. Sufficient drinking reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and other problems. In addition, man is more powerful both physically and mentally if he supplies enough liquid. Not least of all, Halo Wearables is of the opinion that it could provide its technology to well-known manufacturers like Apple or Fitbit for a license. For the coming year the company has decided to introduce further products with this focus.