Fitness Bracelets from Adidas Are Planned: Chameleon and All Day Are Expected for 2017

Adidas is apparently working on two new fitness bracelets, which are scheduled to come on the market next year. The trackers will bear the name Chameleon and All Day and are to offer various lifestyle and health features as well as fitness tracking. This is the German sports article manufacturer from Herzogenaurach probably yet again on the wearable market attack. The attempts so far made on this foot were rather unsuccessful. After all, in 2015 the fitness giant Runtastic had taken over 220 million euros.

The Adidas Chameleon is probably the focus on previously undefined lifestyle functions. Technical details are already leaking. The display of the tracker should be particularly energy-efficient and probably correspond to an e-paper display. The long battery life is also important, as the bracelet is to be worn around the clock in the best case and not just for sports activities. In color, there should be many different variants in extravagant design, which would also explain the name Chameleon (chameleon).


The Adidas All Day, on the other hand, focuses on the health, fitness and well-being of the wearer. Special functions for fitness and sleeping racking are expected. Technical details are not yet available. Overall, the Adidas All Day is more pragmatic and functional than the colorful Adidas Chameleon.

There is no reliable information about the prices and the exact appearance data. As soon as we have more detailed information, you will of course be able to find them first on our platform.



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