First Pictures of the New Huawei Smartwatch with Room for Speculation in Circulation

Is it much faster than expected? While it is assumed that Huawei will present its new Smartwatch in January of next year, the public will be able to see it this morning. For the 3rd of November, the Chinese manufacturer has set up an event. The occasion for an earlier presentation reaffirm pictures, which are currently in circulation and the English-language portal TechnoBuffalo were played. There is the wearable, which presumably has the designation Huawei Fit Smartwatch received, and can be seen already some conclusions on the range of functions as well as the characteristics.


On 3 November, Huawei will hold a press conference to present two new smartphones with the Huawei Mate 9 and the Mate 9 Pro. There have been rumors and photos in circulation for weeks – and now for the upcoming Smartwatch. It is now assumed that the Asians could also present their new intelligent clock at the same time. According to the original reports, Huawei did not want to bring them into the market this year. Instead, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) should serve as a suitable framework at the beginning of January. Whether it is already tomorrow tomorrow with the Huawei Fit Smartwatch is to be expected, is not yet completely predictable. The fact is, that first pictures are in circulation and through these already a few statements on this wearable meet.

Visually, it reminds a little of the Pebble Time Round. This is also supported by the e-paper display, which can be taken from the photos. However, it also looks similar to Watch S1 of the subsidiary Honor. The case is most likely made of metal such as stainless steel or even lighter aluminum. The material of the bracelet, which can be seen in pictures in black, orange and blue, should be silicone. In the event that this device is actually called Huawei Fit Smartwatch, it is probably equipped with a whole range of sports functions. This is indicated by the swimming mode, which can be seen in the first photos. Accordingly, the new Huawei Smartwatch must be waterproof. You can also see a screen on which a run has been started and the burnt calories, the time taken, and the steps taken.

An integrated optical pulse meter will typically be located on the back of the housing. Finally, the heart rate is shown on another clock display. As a further property, it is almost certain to mention a long battery life. This can be ensured by the very energy-saving e-paper display. Still completely open is the question about the operating system of the Huawei Fit Smartwatch. This is the most discussed topic in advance. There were rumors that the company from China cooperated with Samsung to use its software Tizen OS. However, this is to be adapted to the ideas of Huawei. Judging from the photos, it is not Google’s Android Wear, which runs on the wearable. A proprietary operating system is also conceivable.

A scenario that can not be ruled out is that the Huawei Fit Smartwatch is not an intelligent watch at all. In the recently introduced Honor Watch S1 of the subsidiary Honor, a Smartwatch was also launched, which turned out to be a fitness bracelet. And this wearable also resembles the latest photos of the Huawei device quite strong. At least one should not be expected with a successor of the Huawei Watch, because this is too different from the model, which is currently seen in the photos. Perhaps the tomorrow’s press conference of the manufacturer is already light in the dark.

Update from 3 November

On 3 November, the Huawei Fit Smartwatch was presented as an all-in-one wearable. It is not a classic intelligent timepiece and therefore, as expected, not a successor of Huawei Watch. Rather, the focus here is on the sporting aspects, which is why different disciplines such as swimming, cycling and walking are supported. Runners can also access different marriages in different modes and pre-set lengths. Thanks to the integrated optical pulse meter, it is even possible to train for special training heart rates. The Huawei Fit Tracker helps ensure that these optimal areas are not left.

Those who already knew about the Huawei Fit photos, will feel confirmed: The Chinese manufacturer offers a nearly identical product of the Watch S1 of the subsidiary Honor. While this is planned for the Asian market, Huawei is targeting the buyers in the USA and Europe with the twin model. And that is exactly where she appears this month. In the USA, the Huawei Fit is already available from now on – this is the end of November. The suggested retail price is 149 Euro.