First Pictures of the HTC Smartwatch Are in Circulation and Raise Questions

The fact that the Taiwanese manufacturer HTC supposedly works on a Smartwatch, is well-known. Likewise, it is an open secret that the company had in the meantime difficulties with the development and had had to postpone a announced appearance already several times. But now several photos of the HTC Smartwatch are dipping, under the code “Halfbeak” is worked. They show a prototype with a round display, which dissolves with 360 x 360 pixels. The bracelet, presumably made of silicone, as well as the logo of the sports article manufacturer Under Armor can be seen. With the US company, HTC had already developed the so-called “UA Healthbox” as a fitness platform. The photos are taken from the Chinese social media service Weibo. Still, the HTC Smartwatch is seen, the pictures leave a series of questions.

It is unclear whether they are at all the device in the form of how it is to come into the market in the future – or whether it appears at all. What is also to be seen: On the alleged HTC Smartwatch is a fairly old version of the Android Wear operating system installed. This could mean that the photos were taken some time ago and the manufacturer may have rejected his plans. The Under Armor logo is shown on the back of HTC Smartwatch. It is therefore not a guarantee that an end product will have to enter the market due to this cooperation. Finally, the two brands had already worked together on a fitness tracker called “Grip”, but this was never published.


If the HTC Smartwatch, however, should come to the market, then it will most likely be very athletic. Because the pictures also recognize. An optical heart rate monitor is integrated on the back, which is sure to please all fitness enthusiasts. It is also apparent that a silicone strap, which is particularly resistant to sweat and splash water, is firmly installed in the Smartwatch. On a picture it can be seen that it already has a crack. If the bracelet is actually firmly integrated, this would show that the HTC Wearable is not yet marketable.

Otherwise, the HTC Halfbeak Smartwatch reminds a little of the Motorola Moto 360 or the Samsung Gear S2. There are two buttons on the right side and the housing edge is rather narrow.

Much more can not be understood from the learned pictures. When an appearance of the HTC Smartwatch is to be expected, remains open. It is very unlikely that she will be released this year. Appropriate presentation dates could be, for example, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2017 or the Mobile World Congress (MWC) one month later. In March, Baselworld would also offer a suitable platform. In order not to lose the connection against other electronics companies such as Samsung, LG, Motorola or Asus, HTC would almost be forced to follow suit with their own Smartwatch. Whether this will happen, the next rumors will surely soon show.