Find Your Wrist Pragmatism-Watches

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Photo Credit: Nixon

If you already frequently too late were also at the meeting point, you certainly know the problem: You forgot the time. It is time that you find you a suitable watch to your mobile phone can continue to do more important tasks than the time display.

We at Blue Tomato have a huge selection of watches from Nixon, Quiksilver, Roxy and G-Shock. From now on you’ll always be too late!


Analog watches are classic and depending on the color and shape to almost any occasion perfectly, whether at work, the wedding of your sister or the club. The casual look and the timeless design make you not go wrong with them a lot.

Find Your Wrist Pragmatism-Watches

As genuine all-rounders, digital watches have been established in recent years. Date, countdown, alarm, time zones or even a Tide, as they have some watches Roxy and Nixon, are no longer a rarity. What is it now all need is up to you. In any case, many digital clocks feature impressive skills that you can be useful in everyday life thoroughly.


Watch from Nixon

Photo Credit: Nixon

The watch bands no longer exist long only leather. Nowadays you’ll find as silicone, metal, wood or even bracelets from seat belt webbing. Put in terms of creativity brands like Neff constantly set a mood. Result: style and individuality in its purest form!

When you make glass depending on the application, make sure that it is scratch resistant, cured or protected by raised edges. Because what brings you an expensive, super stylish clock when the first awkward contact with the wall has a fat scratches on the front? If you want something exclusive in the future, you should pick up the sapphire crystal. Almost as hard as diamond, this glass can be damaged by virtually any other material.

Mineral glass, however, is tempered crystal glass and is found in most of our watches. It does not yellow and is significantly more resistant than acrylic or Plexiglas but unfortunately not completely scratch resistant. The latter, therefore, plastic lenses are ultra lightweight and impact resistant. You do not burst, and are therefore very safe. However, they are also much more prone to scratches than the other types of glass and may turn yellow.

Find Your Wrist Pragmatism-Watches


Make sure that the meter indication is given not in diving meters, but in the test pressure. For example, clocks which, although up to 30 meters water resistant as specified, only protected against spray. It was not until ten bar, converted 100 meters test pressure, you can swim or surf safely with her. A short overview you procured following table, which can save you from expensive surprises.

The digital-analog watch with a water resistance of 7000 meters and a glass of crystal moon does not exist (yet). Nevertheless: You should before buying your new watch to be clear about what your needs really are. Just so you have permanently enjoy the new accessory for your wrist.

That you do not yet even forgets the time while admiring your pretty picture chronograph, but we can not unfortunately guarantee you …