FASHION: Google Presents Quick-Change Smartwatch Bracelets

Google presented yesterday evening the new FASHION concept, which allows operating system quickly and easily to replace the bracelets at Smartwatches with the Android Wear . The new silicone and leather bracelets can now exclusively acquired in the United States at prices of 50 or 60 dollars are, and are likely to appear soon in Germany.

Although an own quick-change system for the wristbands for they already have integrated the most Smartwatches, but would like to use a normal watch strap, the conversion takes some time. The new FASHION bracelets by Google should remedy the situation here now and allow a simple Bracelet Exchange about all watches over. This is achieved through a Sliding mechanism thanks to the applying takes only a few seconds.

Silicone and leather bracelets available

Because the new FASHION bracelets from Google with prices of 50 or 60 dollars are not too expensive and look pretty handy at first glance, it is very unfortunate that they can be bought at the moment not yet in Germany. They are offered only in the United States, where the silicon designs with 50 and the leather models with 60 US dollars to beech hit.

Since Google has already translated the corresponding product pages in German, it is relatively likely that the bracelets will be available already soon in this country. The prices are then expected 1:1 will be converted and are thus at 50 and 60 euros respectively.