Exchange Exchange – Watch Straps Nato Jumpers

It is not easy to find the bracelet right. I really like a watch-strap of leather, but also short enough straps NATO. These bracelets are world-renowned by the use of soldiers and divers.

Exchange Exchange – Watch Straps Nato Jumpers

Even the owners of luxury watches become bored with the look of the watch and if you tire of wearing exactly the same every day. The most obvious solution is to sell the clock and buy a new one, but I have a tip much more simple and cheap to this problem: change the bracelet of your watch! Exchange the bracelet can completely change the look and make your watch look brand new.

They are made with highly-resistant material produced with ballistic nylon, but the features that ensured the success of this product has been safety and easy installation. Manufactured under the strict quality that a product of the military requires, they have gained space in the casual wear thanks to the practicality and versatility that they add to a watch.

The bracelets nato perfect for the variety of colors, ease of exchange and also for the durability. See how you can match with your watches for a sporty style.

The Story of the Bracelet Nato

As you know, here on the blog I like to explore why a product exists. I think that this conversation is one of the most interesting parts and the knowledge helps me to appreciate the simple design.

Despite the name, the bracelet NATO, the acronym for the us, NATO, does not belong to the north atlantic treaty, but the British Ministry of Defense. The original specification is the “Strap, Wrist Watch”, commonly referred to as the G10 due to the form necessary to request a. NATO enters the story because of the inventory number that identifies the belt.

What is interesting, is that the official specifications for the bracelet NATO are very specific: only 20mm wide and always in the colour Admiralty Grey. Also need to have the second layer of nylon that prevents the movement of the watch by the strap.

As the popularity of bracelets has grown, the different regiments british military began to produce their own versions, so that people could honor their respective regiments with their regimental colors. Today, the bracelets NATO are available in a ton of colors, styles and different patterns, many with a foot in the past.

These strips of ballistic nylon that you can put in your clock are based on the default template distributed to British soldiers by the Ministry of Defense English. Cool right? More of a curiosity: they Are also the bracelet of the Rolex James Bond

Where To Buy Bracelet Nato

The cool of the bracelets nato is that you don’t need to remove the bar to exchange the bracelets. You can buy more than one and swap in a few seconds whenever you feel the urge.

I have several that I use to vary the look of this Timex. They are well baratinhas, as well as the clock, and I purchased it on Amazon. It has many color options, but before you close the application do not forget to confirm what the width of your clock.

The easiest is to buy a bracelet NATO monochrome. I like to match the color of the dial of the watch. If you prefer things more colorful, there are several natural striped. If the dial of your watch has several different colors, choose the one you want to highlight and look for a bracelet with material of the same color.

Many watch lovers simply keeps the bracelet that it came from the factory but some can not wait to replace the original as soon as possible. Some, like advanced materials, such as carbon fiber or Kevlar, while others are left with the classic, preferring leather straps. To several who like something more casual, the simple strap NATO is essential even in the watches my dear.

Whatever your preference, don’t be afraid to experiment. Choose the bracelet right you can make up to the clock no more grace into something that you will feel comfortable to use all day!