Error Clarified: Apple Watch Series 1 Is Just as Fast as the Series 2

AppleWatch Series 1 is a direct follow-up to the AppleWatch Series 1, but the Californian company adds something new, adding some new features so you can understand the Series 1 as an upgrade to the original Apple Watch. For example, a more powerful dual-core processor with the Apple S1P chipset provides significantly better performance.

However, all rumors and speculations that buzzed through the net in the run-up were related to the Apple Watch Series 2, which was officially unveiled on September 7 and is much more than an upgrade. In addition to a more powerful battery, the Series 2 is also characterized by a considerably better display, water resistance and a stand-alone GPS module.


Now, there was some uncertainty about the installed processors in both new Apple smartwatches. It turns out that the Series 1 and the Series 2 do not differ in their performance – they are both equally fast. Reason for this “surprise”: The chipset names of the two clocks, in which the processor is included, are very different.

The chip set “S1P” is used, the chipset of the Series 2 is called “S2”. A logical conclusion could therefore be that different processors are installed in the two clocks, the chipsets finally bear other names. That’s not the case. The built-in processor in the Series 2 is exactly the same as in the Series 1. Jeff Williams, the number two behind Tim Cook at Apple, confirmed this: “We installed the same dual-core processor that is in the Series 2. ”

But why the different names? The only difference is that the GPS module is integrated in the S2 chipset. Apparently some have mistakenly assumed that the Series 2 works faster because the processors are called differently. The price difference of the two watches of 100 euros can not be justified with the performance. However, if you do not want to do without an excellent display, for example, you should have access to the Series 2.