Attractions of Samet, Thailand

Entertainment and Attractions of Samet, Thailand


There are no classic sights on the island. But this does not upset the guests of Samet, as they come here to lie on the beach and swim in warm and clear water. As entertainment, local companies offer a trip along the mountain paths inland and fishing. An underwater walk costs 1300 THB, a kayak rental for a day is 1500-1800 THB, a kite flight: 1500 THB for 15 minutes. The prices on the page are for August 2021. See for education and training in Thailand.

You can also take excursions to the neighboring islands of Talu and Mann Nai. The tiny uninhabited Talu is a snow-white sandy beach on one side and impregnable rocks on the other. There are no hotels here, during the day you can sunbathe and swim, sit in the shade in wooden houses near the coast. There are sun loungers and rope swings. The trip lasts from the whole day, lunch is included in the price. Or go to the closer islands: Kongao, Platinum, Kudi.

Every evening, many restaurants organize entertainment programs with fire shows. By the way, after 18:00, establishments bring tables directly to the beach, and the coast itself turns into a huge pedestrian zone.

Popular tourist spots are viewing platforms. For the convenience of tourists, they are marked with signs “SUNSET”. Most of them are located in the western part of the island and, above all, next to the beach of Ao Prao.

At the main pier of Samet Na dan is the only temple on the island. Its main attraction is a snow-white statue of a 5-meter Buddha.

Districts of Samet

There is no official zoning of Samet, so for convenience, you can divide the island geographically into 4 parts. The northern part is a small village with a Buddhist temple, perhaps the only architectural landmark of Samet. Tourists who settle here either want to get acquainted with the life of ordinary fishermen by renting a room in a guesthouse, or have a rest of the highest standard – fashionable hotels are located at some distance from the coast.

The east coast is the most popular. The 7 km strip of sand is dotted with white sand beaches, bars and hotels. This place is chosen by lovers of noisy, “live” recreation and loud music.

The western part of Samet is predominantly rocky shores and only one sandy beach. The West is for seekers of peace and tranquility, which, judging by the price tags of the hotels located here, are quite expensive. But the elongated southern part is not so developed in terms of tourism. And this is rather a plus. After all, those few, but very cozy bungalows and hotel complexes offer housing at very low prices. But not all – it is in the south that the only five-star hotel on the island is located. And if you want noise and drive, no one bothers to go to the east coast.

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The most popular beaches are located in the east of the island. The only more or less large beach in the west is Ao Prao. There are no strong currents around Samet, so swimming is safe everywhere. Entry into the water along the entire coast of the island is very smooth – a plus for families with children. And yet, despite the active development, the coast is very clean, with white sand and azure water.

Hat Sai Kev is the longest and “live” beach of the resort (GPS coordinates: 12.567869, 101.467347). The sandy strip, 1 km long and 30 m wide, has sun loungers, beach restaurants and water ski and windsurfing equipment rentals. Here you can also book a trip on a sailing catamaran or on a banana boat.

A small rocky ledge separates Hat Sai Kev from another popular holiday destination, Ao Hin Khok (GPS coordinates: 12.565813, 101.461221). This is a quieter and cleaner beach. Due to the minimum depth and clear water, it is considered one of the best beaches in Samet.

The island’s second largest beach is Ao Wong Deuan (GPS coordinates: 12.554206, 101.450345). This is a rather noisy beach, but it is “driving” – there is an excellent selection of bars and restaurants. The best option is to take a break from the noise at the nearby Ao Cho (GPS coordinates: 12.556185, 101.453147) and return here in the evening.

You can find out how Samet looked like “pre-tourist” on the example of Ao Nuan beach (GPS coordinates: 12.559373, 101.455380). This is a nice secluded place that can only be reached on foot. There are no hotels and restaurants here – due to the rocky terrain, it is quite difficult to build them here.

Ao Prao (GPS coordinates: 12.570699, 101.449143) is the only major beach in the west of Samet. There are three rather expensive hotels here. True, it’s hardly worth going here to swim specially – it’s very small. But the hotels have good restaurants, and nearby are the best places on the island to watch the sunset.

There are very few sun loungers and umbrellas on the beaches. Almost all of them belong to hotels, a small number belong to coastal bars. To take a sun lounger, you need to be either a guest of the resort or a visitor to the bar. However, almost all tourists neglect sunbeds, sitting on a towel or right on the sand.


The island is considered one of the driest in Thailand. The rainy season here starts in May and ends in July. But even at this time, there is less rainfall here than on other islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Another weather feature of Samet is the only island in Thailand, where even during the rainy season, sunny weather prevails. The tourist season lasts from November to February.

Attractions of Samet, Thailand