Elephone W2, K88H & NO. 1 D5: three Smartwatches from the EU Camp of GearBest

Smartwatches there are now like sand on the sea, so that it can be quite difficult to keep an overview, which models are worth a purchase. We want to imagine today three models, which are worth accessing any case: Elephone W2, K88H Smartwatch , as well as the NO.. 1 D5.

Elephone W2, K88H & NO. 1 D5: very good Smartwatches

The elephone W2 can come up mainly by an attractive design, but also technically there is for example a pedometer, a Schlaftracker, a waterproof housing for IP53 certificate as well as a compatibility to Apple iOS and Google Android a lot offered, OS.

The K88H and NO.. 1 D5 support iOS and Android OS, the K88H offers technically, including a 1.2-inch IPS display with 240 × 240 pixels resolution, an IP54 certificate as well as a 300 mAh battery. In the NO. 1 D5 is the following equipment: a 1.3-inch display with 360 × 360 pixels resolution, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB ROM, one 450 mAh battery, as well as Google Android 4.4 as OS.

All three models in the EU camp of GearBest available

Also a very good feature of all three Smartwatches: these are now in the EU camp of GearBest available, which means a fast shipping. The elephone W2 is available in the online shop of GearBest for 53,93 euros, the K88H for 43.14 euro and the NO. 1 D5 for 103,37 euro.