Download: Mill – GlashÜTte, Sinn Special Watches, Union GlashÜTte in Test

Comparison test of clocks with a date of the day–download now for 3.90 euro!

When it comes to watches with a high date, you don’t have to think about expensive haute Horlogerie. But I think of Glashütte. Two inexpensive alternatives come from there–a third comes from Frankfurt. Mill-Glashütte, Sinn special watches and union Glashütte in comparison–Here you can download the test article for 3.90 Euro!

What is the best date to read? Which of the three watches offers the most accurate gear? And which most wearing comfort? Martina Richter is deputy editor-in-chief of the Watch magazine and puts in her article The Clocks of Mühle-Glashütte, special watches and union Glashütte to the test. Get an overview of the selected models with our download for 3.90 euro.

The test result can be grasped with a glance, both in the keyword-like summary of the advantages and disadvantages of each model as well as the clear identification of the test winner. Which watch with a great date best cuts on? Read it in the download for 3.90 euro!

Contents of the download comparison test of clocks with a date:

  • Large detail pictures of all watches
  • Data sheet for each watch: Specifications of clock and plant
  • Review Clocks and works:

Processing, design, legibility, carrying/Bedienkomfort, construction, Finissage, gear

  • Value for money
  • Clear scoring system for evaluation
  • Test verdict for each watch: Pros and cons listed
  • Optimal comparability:

Data sheets of all clocks placed next to each other

  • Clearly marked test winner

Download the test article now and learn

Which watch with the same date wins the comparison!

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