Download: Comparison Test Three – Pointer Diver Watches

Mühle-Glashütte, Seiko, Tudor and Wempe in comparison–test for 3.90 euro download!

With four three-pointer diver watches and four photographers, Martina Richter, deputy editor-in-chief of the Watch magazine, is taking an expedition for this practice test: Because photographers are not only photographers, but also as equally Passionate as professional divers. And this is exactly what they need to undergo a rigorous practice test of the four divers watches from Mühle-Glashütte, Seiko, Tudor and Wempe. Here you can download it for 3.90 euro!

The first differences are already evident in the preparations for the dive, because the bracelets of the watches have to be adapted to the thick diving suits and the bezels are also turned for the first time. Whether it works with such thick gloves as you wear in a cold Mountain lake for diving? This is just one of the questions that this article is about. Download it here for 3.90 euro!

In addition to the handling on land, the watches, of course, mainly include the assessment which the divers give to the models after use under water. The readability in the depths of the lake is only one of the criteria that are evaluated – and the test winner is finally shown. Find out in the download for 3.90 euro, which model with its results can shine!

Even if there is no explizierter test during the diving in the Blindsee, this article also includes technical fans: after all, the evaluation of the editor and the divers does not only play a role in the handling of the divers ‘ watches and their appearance, even Technical details, but also the evaluation of the movements flows. Read the article for 3.90 euro, which will drive the models!

The comparison test three-pointer diver watches from Mühle Glashütte, Seiko, Tudor and Wempe at a glance:

  • Large detail pictures of all watches
  • Data sheet for each watch: Specifications of clock and plant
  • Review Clocks and works:
  • Processing, design, legibility, carrying/Bedienkomfort, construction, Finissage, gear
  • Value for money
  • Clear scoring system for evaluation
  • Test verdict for each watch: Pros and cons listed
  • Optimal comparability:
  • Data sheets, test results, pros and cons of all clocks placed next to each other
  • Clearly marked test winner

Download here for 3.90 euro and learn which three-pointer dive watch has won the big comparison test!

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