Download Comparison Test Chronographs: Omega, Seiko and Tag Heuer

Read immediately for 3.90 euro!

Three chronographs are the one that contrasts the watch magazine in this test: The Omega Speedmaster Racing, the Seiko Ananta automatic Chronograph “Kumadori” and the TAG Heuer Carrera calibre 16. Pros and cons, gait results and large-format photos of all You can find three watches in the comparison test–download now for 3.90 euro!

Although the three clocks have the stop function in common, there are also some differences, for example in the operation or the integration of the pushers into the housing. In addition, the arrangement of the dials is different, as are the mechanics that are in the clocks. Find out all about the Omega Speedmaster Racing, the Seiko Ananta automatic Chronograph “Kumadori” and the TAG Heuer Carrera calibre 16, download the comparison test for 3.90 euro here!

In addition to a detailed evaluation in the text, a contrasting short evaluation at the end shows the differences and the test winner. Also in the detail photos in the text, the three chronographs can be seen next to each other to illustrate the differences. For 3.90 euro download and inform!

The comparison test of the chronographs of Omega, Seiko and Tag Heuer at a Glance:

  • Large detail pictures of all watches
  • Data sheet for each watch: Specifications of clock and plant
  • Aisle protocol for each watch: Time scale test
  • Review Clocks and works:

Processing, design, legibility, carrying/Bedienkomfort, construction, Finissage, gear

  • Value for money
  • Clear scoring system for evaluation
  • Test verdict for each watch: Pros and cons listed
  • Optimal comparability:

Data sheets, test results, pros and cons of all clocks placed next to each other

  • Clearly marked test winner

Download the comparison test for 3.90 euro now and find out which one of the three chronographs is best!

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