Download: Chronographs in Comparison – Tutima Versus Alpina

Read the download for 3.90 euro How the Chronos judged the stoppers

Watches with chronograph are popular. The Chronos comparison test shows how different they can be. This is where the Tutima m2 pioneer and the Alpina Alpine 4 Flyback chronograph manufacture are measured. Whether you convince Chronos editor Jens Koch? You will find it in the download of the test for 3.90 euro!

With the M2 pioneer, Tutima presents an updated version of the well-known Bundeswehr chronograph. The clock is still ticking the ETA/Valjoux 7750 automatic movement, but converted to a central minute counter. The chronograph’s counterpart is the Chronos test of the Alpine 4 Flyback chronograph manufacture by Alpina, currently the cheapest manufacture chronograph from Switzerland. Those who are in the duel in the Chronos, therefore, are not an easy decision. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the two stoppers–and, of course, how Chronos editor Jens Koch judges the chronographs after his test:

Here is the chronograph comparison test as a download for 3.90 euro!

The download “Comparison test chronographs-Tutima versus Alpina” at a Glance:

Large-format detail pictures of all watches

Data sheet for each watch: Specifications of clock and plant

Aisle protocol for each watch: Time scale test

Reviews watches and Works:

Processing, design, legibility, carrying/Bedienkomfort, construction, Finissage, gear

Value for money

Clear scoring System for evaluation

Test verdict for each watch: Pros and cons listed

Optimal comparability:

Data sheets, test results, pros and cons of all clocks placed next to each other

Clearly marked Test winner

Download now for 3.90 euro and learn how to cut the chronographs!

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