Deaf Blind Teenager Makes the Smartwatch Test

The 20-year old British woman Molly Watts gives us the possibility of the Apple Watch quite different to experience – because Molly is suffering from the usher syndrome and can therefore hardly see and hear.
She takes us on a journey into their everyday and tells us how much the Apple Watch has changed their lives. The Apple Watch is wonderful in their own way:the impression, is the one to read the detailed Review by Molly Watts WINS.

From a tactile watch to the high-tech Apple Watch

Molly can see hardly anything since she was 14. She is able to use a Smartphone, if the font is white on a black background. So far she had used a “Bradley time masterpiece ‘ clock, a clock with the time can be felt. When Molly ordered the Apple Watch, she was not even sure whether she can use the Smartwatch without problems, reported by MedicineLearners.
Molly from the Apple Watch was convinced after some settling time. The device proved to be for her somewhat complicated, but she could set everything for them important about the app on the iPhone. Prior to the acquisition of Apple Watch, Molly had missed many calls or messages, because she must keep her cell phone for safety in a bag. Now Molly is their messages of all on her wrist informiert-and the danger of losing the Apple Watch, there is also no.

Apple Watch as security at night

Especially the night Molly difficulties:the sparse light ensures that she can see nothing at all. Luckily some of her friends have already also Apple watches. When Molly now loses the focus, or a dangerous situation, she can simply send the code for “I need help” agreed with their friends. Also, Molly’s mother makes use of the tactile messages:to gain the attention of her daughter, she just send a message about the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch lead them getting to their destination

Almost the most Molly from her Apple Watch navigation aid is thrilled. She can programmieren-their aim on your iPhone and then from her let Apple Watch, thanks to the tactile guide. “12 knocker means go at the crossing turn right, or 3 times two Thumper is turning you links I experiment yet, am already very impressed!”, reported the British in their Blog. It is no longer dependent on aid, if it moves on unknown terrain.
Molly Watt has its own Blog, in which she will report on their further experience with the Apple Watch. With their website she wants to draw attention to the disease “Usher syndrome”, an inheritable disease, which symptoms are congenital deafness and blindness.  (mh)