Dagadam Watch: Kickstarter Project Promises the Smartest Smartwatch of All Time

If this is not an announcement, a company from Ireland is currently presenting a new project on the crowdfunding platform kickstarter. What may sound very full-bodied, if you take a closer look, many people will be amazed. The Dagadam Watch – that is the wearable – is said to be the smartest smartwatch that has ever been on the market. It comes with a proprietary operating system, broad compatibility, and many innovative features and extras. Until November 25, supporters can make their financial contribution to the project. Satte 450,000 € should be taken by then. As far as the manufacturer Dagadam LTD his promise to this Smartwatch complies, the device should make the leading manufacturers, including Apple, proper legs.

The Dagadam SmartWatch should be suitable almost for every situation. The manufacturer counts among other things sports, entertainment or also operating functions for the car or the home. To meet every challenge in everyday life, the intelligent watch is made of aluminum, which is used in the aviation industry. The Dagadam Smartwatch is compatible with Android as well as with Apple’s iOS.


With the basics of a smartwatch such as notification functions, reminders, a calendar, a music player, language search, or navigation, Dagadam LTD does not take long to present its innovative product. Rather, it is, for example, the fact that the companion at the wrist can be used for the remote control for virtual reality spectacles. Apropos remote control: The own house and car can also be controlled with the help of the Dagdam Watch. The opening and closing of the car door or the garage door are possibilities offered by the clock. Also helpful are the real-time warnings. If the owner is not near his car or home, the Smartwatch informs him if something suspicious happens.

The Dagadam Watch also takes care of the safety of its wearer itself. On the one hand, there is an emergency call function, which is used to help in hazardous situations by simply pressing a button, by storing stored contacts with information. The so-called “crash alert system” establishes independently if the wearer’s wearer had an accident. Whether he has been in a car, on a bicycle or a motorbike, friends and the police are immediately informed about this quick-warning system. The mobile payment with the NFC technology supports the Dagadam Smartwatch as well as Amazon’s language assistant Alexa.

The operation is mainly via the intuitive touchscreen. This can represent 16.7 million colors and dissolve with 400 x 400 pixels. The display always adapts itself to the surrounding light conditions independently and then adjusts the brightness. The Dagadam Smartwatch is the first, intelligent watch that has a round screen, is anti-reflective and has the scratch-resistant Gorilla Curced Glass. In addition, there is also a control panel on the edge of the bezel which is used for scrolling.

Another innovation is the so-called Dagadam Hub, behind whose name a kind of artificial intelligence is hidden. It learns the needs of the user and filters the information for the user, which is really important to him. With a single glance, he is to receive news from social networks, mail, news and feeds, saving time.

GPS also has the Dagadam Watch on board, which is also necessary because it can serve as a fitness watch. It supports a variety of sports, gives an overview of the performance data at any time and is waterproof up to 30 meters, which is why it is also suitable for swimming. Versatile leather and rubber bracelets, as well as the possibility to create their own personalized watch interfaces, take on the design factor.

As for the battery life, which can Dagdam Watch also scored. It takes five days without charging and thus sets standards. This makes a battery with 450 mAh possible. Cable is, incidentally, not required to supply the clock with new energy. This is done instead using a magnetic block. A quick-charge mode is also available.

In view of the numerous innovations, the price can be understood as really favorable: If you make a pre-order with kickstarter, you get it for 177 euros. If successfully financed, it will appear in May of next year – then still for a more than competitive price of 289 euros.