Dagadam Watch: Aborting the Kickstarter Campaign Is Not the End

With great and ambitious goals, the company is Dagadam LTD. On the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter a few days ago. The Dagadam Watch should be the smartest Smartwatch of all time and could be convincing with its numerous functions and extras. But only a few days after the project went online, many people were rubbing their heads. The financing had already been canceled. Of the planned 450,000 euros, a good 27,000 euros from 149 supporters came together in the short time. Dagadam LTD. Is committed to the project to bring the smartest Smartwatch to the market. Despite all this. This has announced the company in a Facebook post – it is only forced to rethink.

The CEO of the Irish startup, Mandu Drago, wrote the announcement on Facebook himself. There he speaks of a good and a bad news. The negative message is, of course, that the campaign has been canceled. He mentions on his part that he and his team had focused too much on the Dagadam Watch in the planning and implementation and neglected the marketing for this innovative watch. On the other hand, he quickly realized that it is unrealistic to be able to meet the stated funding target. Accordingly, the decision was made to make a quick cut. This is by no means the end of the Dagadam Watch. The Wearable is nevertheless to come on the market, only with some changes.


Dagadam has already taken a step and that is the positive news that the company is announcing. With a marketing agency, the company has already teamed up and has thus brought the necessary competence into the boat in order to advertise the product appropriately.

In addition, not all of the promises with which the Smartwatch should take root could initially be observed. This primarily affects the proprietary operating system. From this idea Dagadam must first say goodbye, because this would probably blow up the financial framework. The software should provide the watch with a special intelligence by tailoring all content – from mails to news – to the individual user and filtering it. Instead is probably nevertheless put on Google’s Android Wear. The hope of CEO Drago is that the search engine giant is the Dagadam Watch for good enough and the necessary license forgives. Later it would be possible, however, that this own operating system runs on the clock.

The remaining features such as the use of the Smartwatch as a remote control for virtual reality glasses and the closing and opening of car doors and doors remain. The same applies to the emergency call functions in the form of an SOS key and an automatic notification to important contacts if the bearer of the Dagadam Watch suffers an accident.

Originally, the release of the Dagadam Watch was planned for May 2017. When it comes to the market by the changes of the plan is still open. The company has announced to keep all interested parties up to date.