Cyuc GV08S: Cheap Smartwatch with SIM Slot

Today we want to imagine a very cheap Smartwatch, which has a SIM slot and has even a camera. It is called Cyuc GV08S and 20 euros.

Scope of functions

The GV08S is a Smartwatch with a 1.5-inch screen, which is 240 × 240 pixels. The Smartwatch with common functions is equipped by the featured here, so you can make calls (thanks to its own SIM card) via Smartphone or even autonomous, send messages and receive remote control music. The GV08S even has a camera (with 0.3 MP resolution) and can shoot photos. It can be used as a trigger for the Smartphone camera.

Furthermore, it is able to analyze the sleep, to count the previous steps, and to remember that you should every now and then get up and move. In addition, there is an alarm clock, a voice recorder, a calendar and a calculator.

The housing of the Smartwatch is made of stainless steel, the bracelet is made of soft rubber. The Smartwatch is only with Androidsmartphones compatible and can themselves use their own SIM card only in the GSM network dial.

For under 20 euros

The Cyuc GV08S is very convenient to have as mentioned above. The online store Gearbest does currently plays for 20.99 dollars, which is equivalent to 18,80 EUR, which means a very good introduction to the world of Smartwatches.