Cronovo: ECG Measuring Device in the Guise of a Smartwatch

Crowdfunding is a proven resource for start-ups to fund their products on the one hand and to make them known on the other. At the moment, the company from Cronovo, based in England, is on the right track with its Smartwatch of the same name. On kickstarter, the manufacturer promises a Smartwatch, which can keep an eye on heart activity in the quality of an ECG measurement. The funding target of 25,000 pounds has already been exceeded, with the campaign still barely eight weeks online.


Visually, the Cronovo looks like an ordinary Smartwatch and is available in four versions. Another version in rose gold is available in limited edition. The real distinctive feature of this intelligent watch lies inside. An ECG sensor is the unique feature, which moves on a level with a measurement in the hospital.

An optical heart rate sensor is also expected to be on board and should deliver values ​​with 99.9 percent accuracy. In the event that the Cronovo Smartwatch detects a risk of a heart attack, it instantly sends messages to stored contacts. The manufacturer promises that with Cronovo he has created the smallest ECG monitor.

But this Smartwatch has even more skills: it keeps the metabolism rate of its wearer in view. This is to be understood as automatically recognizing when the body is gaining or losing weight. The best example of this is the removal or build-up of muscle mass as well as fat loss. After sporting activities, the Cronovo Smartwatch also monitors the user’s recovery after the strain. The Wearable also registers how severe stress is.

If that is not enough, you can go back to basic fitness tracking, such as the calculation of calorie consumption and counting the steps, to animated workouts that appear on the display. In addition, Cronovo also offers individually tailored fitness programs that provide various training sessions, a specific calorie intake, and a required sleep time to help the user achieve their goals. Even to the wheelchair users, Cronovo thought and provided them with the appropriate plans.

The very first purchasers receive the Smartwatch for 100 euros. However, it will be delivered at the earliest in November 2017 – a bit of patience is still in demand.