CoWatch: Smartwatch with Alexa-Assistant to the Crowdfunding

The language assistant Alexa is actually only in the speaker available exclusively in the United States echo used, but with the CoWatch, the woman’s voice on the wrist moves.

Developed by startup iMCO from San Jose, California, consisting partly of former Android / Google employees, the Cowatch is to bring back a small revolution. Instead of Android wear but relies on the development of own Chronological OS, which responds not to “OK, Google”, but on “Hey, Alexa”. In addition to this software feature, it shines but also with the technical data.

Not a Snapdragon chip wear

But is “merely” a dual-core chip to use, which expects a 1.2 GHz and a 300 MHz core and thus Snapdragon wear presented at the beginning of the year 2100 is not eligible, but should certainly of sufficient capacity. Memory: 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB there are to the page. The economical SoC has of course also strong on the battery power, with a charge to hang in the CoWatch 32 hours in the “always on” mode. The probably most important, da biggest part is the display, which is round with a diameter of 1.39 inches and a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels definitely belongs to the top class of the LED smart watches ranked by

CoWatch Smartwatch with Alexa-Assistant to the Crowdfunding 1

iOS and Android

The features with your connected Smartphone but also function, there pretty much current software is needed. 9 be iPhones from iOS and Android devices from 5.x Lollipop, but then also the full range of quick reply and control media content on both platforms to work.

CoWatch Smartwatch with Alexa-Assistant to the Crowdfunding 2

First delivery in June

Now already more than half of the required $80,000 is collected at the time of the publication of this article and the developers have another month to collect the remaining sum – a successful financing is so very likely. You can no longer make it among the first 400 customers who can back up the clock for 159 dollars, the higher price is for $179. Also the first 800 customer should receive this year their clock still in June, all about it within the next 90 days. When it is finally released, the price is expected to 279 dollars.

CoWatch Smartwatch with Alexa-Assistant to the Crowdfunding 3