Citizen Wants to Bring out a Solar Smartwatch This Year

The Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen has considered a very special feature for its new Smartwatch. This is to do with a battery, which is exchanged, or a rechargeable battery, which has to be charged by charging cable. Instead, the wearable is to be operated by solar energy, just as it happens with the watches of the series Citizen Eco-Drive. After the Eco-Drive Proximity from 2012, which was rather a smart watch, Citizen would finally enter the Smartwatch segment after a long time.

However, Smartwatch is not supposed to appear in a sunny season because the release is planned for the pre-Christmas season in December. Pictures are not yet available from the Wearable. There are already a few vague information about the abilities of the watch. This is how it can display notifications of the smartphone, have a “Find-My-Phone” function and have automatic time zone detection.


Although it does not sound like anything yet, you can see from the solar operation, buyers will have to dig deep into their pockets. For the Smartwatch limited to 3,000 pieces, 80,000 yen (about 700 Euro) are due. This price, which even the price of the most technically best Smartwatches (luxury versions except), is then probably justified by the noble workmanship as well as the components.

So you can be curious about what Citizen will announce to the Solar-Smartwtach in the coming weeks and months. At such a price, however, the expectations will be high. Since the Japanese manufacturer has to offer more than a good solar module.