Chinese Manufacturer NO.1 Presents Its First Fitness Bracelet with Smartband F1

The Chinese company NO.1 has produced a whole series of smartwatches in the past. The Shenzhen-based manufacturer is now also dedicated to the field of fitness bracelets and presents its first product. Smartband F1, it is said and is intended in particular to compete with his fellow countryman Xiaomi and his MiBand 2. The result is a wearable, which fulfills all the usual functions of a fitness wristband, including a heart rate measurement, is waterproof and impresses with a long recharge time.

The 30 gram lightweight Smartband F1 is equipped with a powerful 230 mAh battery, which takes about an hour until it is fully charged. Afterwards, it can be used for up to one hundred days in standby mode. On the other hand, NO.1 does not provide any information about the duration of normal use. For a comfortable wearing comfort, the especially soft silicone bracelet, which can be easily adapted to the appropriate wrist range with the aid of a pin buckle. This is available in three different colors: purple, black and navy blue. If desired, it can also be replaced by another.


The OLED display has a screen diagonal of 0.91 inches and represents all important fitness data. The optical pulse meter is typically attached to the underside, which permanently determines the pulse. The NO.1 fitness wristband is certified to IP68 – to whom this says nothing: it can not penetrate any dust and up to 50 meters it is obendrein waterproof. When swimming, the tracker can also be worn and the activity of its user in mind. In addition, the Smartband F1 has a step counter and a corresponding distance measurement. It also calculates the amount of calories burnt over the day. At night, it analyzes the sleep by recording the duration as well as the quality. So that the metabolism does not go down for too long inactivity, there is a movement memory.

In addition, the usual suspicious functions in connection with the smartphone must not be dispensed with. This includes notifications of calls and SMS that are received there. The camera can also be controlled via the wrist, and the Smartband F1 is also reminiscent of recorded appointments. Via the energy-saving Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the fitness bracelet comes into contact with the mobile phone. There both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android can be installed – with both operating systems, the Tracker is compatible.

The NO.1 Fitness Bracelet should soon be available in the partner shops of the company like Gearbest. The manufacturer has not yet made specific data on a date of appearance. The Smartband F1 is likely to play in a league with the MiBand of Xiaomi or even a little lower.