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How to Use a Heart Rate Monitor

The manufacturers offer many features that you will not necessarily be all useful depending on what you expect from your heart rate monitor and the sport you practice. It is important to choose a cardio with the features that best meet your expectations. Some of these features and their explanation to help you make your • Read More »

Types of Styles of Watches

Not always obvious when one is not an expert to choose the watch that best fits our look, rather athletic, flashy, vintage or even classic, the choice can be rather complex. The goal here is to guide you in the choice of your future watch by presenting different styles of watches, the different ranges according • Read More »

How To Choose Your First Luxury Watch

Buy a beautiful luxury watch, it can be a lot of fun, but also a puzzle without a name when we don’t know where to start, or what it is important to consider. Here are 5 essential criteria to consider, to make the right choice and a successful purchase! Aesthetics: the crush Sounds obvious, but • Read More »

Luxury Watches Online Shopping

You’re a fan of fine watches, or passionate about horology, the choice of a luxury watch brand is often a step very complex in front of the multiplicity of models of watches presented by each factory. Rather Rolex, the brand No. 1 in the world in the field of luxury watchmaking, rather a less known • Read More »

Plus Size Bracelet Watches

And Yes, still this goal, barely hidden behind most of our articles: how to be elegant without giving a dated image? Exercise much more difficult than it seems… Of the month is what I like to believe when I see few people arriving to join the concepts “elegant” and “young and dynamic”. Let’s take an • Read More »

GPS Running Watches

In recent years, the electronic accessories dedicated to the practice of sport have appeared on the market. Available in the form of watches to be worn very easily during a workout, these devices offer different services and functions. According to the available models, here are some tips to help you make the right choice when • Read More »

Questions and Answers about Watches

Men’s watches and women’s watches, are objects which are very often considered as objects of value. With designs very worked, and offered at prices often very high, the watches are objects that are not only functional and indispensable, but also sentimental objects (wedding gift, object of pride,…) to which it attaches quickly. Choose his watch, • Read More »

Iradish Y6: Cheap Smartwatch into the Design of the Apple Watch

Why reinvent the wheel twice. Whom the design of Apple Watch says to, but an Android Smartphone used, who has access to the competition from the far East. The Iradish Y6 looks like Apple confusingly similar – but a fraction and runs on Android smartphones. Special features on board Technically the Iradish Y6 perhaps not • Read More »

How to Choose a Dive Watch

Scubaland offers the excellent divers, snorkelers, underwater hunters… a wide selection of waterproof watches to their aquatic activities in good conditions and have a follow-up on their sessions. Better watches and in response to the latest technologies in the world of diving watches. How to choose a dive watch? It should be take several criteria • Read More »

Luxury Watch Buying Guide

The choice of a watch is not trivial for a man, she remains one of the only jewelry worn on a daily basis, women are of course not this task lightly, but this choice will usually complement in harmony a style already well established… Before the multitude of models proposed by the watchmakers luxury watch, • Read More »

Vintage Watches for Men

The watch is the jewel of the man. Unlike other jewelry as a ring, a necklace or a bracelet, easily interchangeable, a watch must be timeless and agree with each of your outfits. It is advisable to carefully to the style of watch and its mechanism before buy you. What style to watch? Before choosing • Read More »

Connected Objects: The Activity Tracker

A smart object to help you stay healthy Moving is good for your health! Shop, clean, walk the dog, mounted the stairs: we spend all the days of the calories. But how much and how do I know if this activity is enough? The activity tracker is designed for this. Discreet, easy to use, it • Read More »

Watches for Women

The watch for woman is the accessory, the smaller, which will dress your wrist. Like a jewel, it gives your style a noted trend and original whatever the occasion. Watch for woman one jewel like no other A beautiful woman watch cannot be dissociated from the joint work of a watchmaker and a jeweller. We • Read More »

Apple Smart Watches

The Apple Watch is here. The new smart watch of the Cupertino company is no longer just a promise, but we know many of its defining features and the price you will. A highly optimized watch The best of Apple Watch is the best of all Apple devices, and optimization that counts. We did not encounter a screen that is missing • Read More »

Digital LED Watches

There is attainable luxury LED smart watches, so the company considers Oregon Scientific with its collection of digital watches Time and Weather. Trends and women ‘s watches go together hand in hand, since in their convergence give female and complex site looks. In 1957 starts to generate the series and the company decides to transcribe his name into English, being known • Read More »

Rolex: Buy a New or Used?

This week, Robert-Jan Borer, expressed his personal opinion on the choice of Rolexwatches. Like it or not, we cannot dispense with the information that the models of the brand called more attention of consumers than any other brand of watch. Really, a reputable company when considering the quality of the watches produced, always on a • Read More »

Ulefone-GW01: Smartwatch with Many Sensors and Siri Support for 50 Euro

The definition of a Smartwatch is broad and what is everyone including, is individually different. Ulefone considers, for example, a wrist watch that measures many body metrics and communicated to the paired smartphone at the GW01, Smartwatch. Temperature, UV, pulse The Ulefone is actually more of a Ulewatch – corny jokes aside: the GW01 is • Read More »

Garmin GPS Multisport Watch

Garmin brings new GPS-multi sports watch on the market, which is noticeable with its especially hardened case with sapphire crystal and best outdoor navigation. The tactix Bravo will vary but mostly for outdoor or the military. The device should appear in the 1st quarter of 2016. With the tactix Bravo, Garmin brings GPS-multi sports watch • Read More »

Digital watches for Women Buying Guide

Digital watches for ladies – made time reading easy The first digital watches for ladies created in the 80’s, when the first LCD displays were developed. The main advantage of a digital clock for women is simplified reading of the time which makes them popular for older people and children. Digital watches for men and • Read More »

Find Your Wrist Pragmatism-Watches

Watches and Accessories Photo Credit: Nixon If you already frequently too late were also at the meeting point, you certainly know the problem: You forgot the time. It is time that you find you a suitable watch to your mobile phone can continue to do more important tasks than the time display. We at Blue • Read More »