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PIP-boy: Bethesda Shows Real Fallout Smartwatch

The genuine, certified replica one PIP-boy model 3000 MK IV is equipped with Bluetooth and can assume such functions of the paired Smartphones or tablets: you can answer your calls, read SMS, browse your contacts and even audio files to play. She’s equipped with a specially developed software. No Smartphone or Tablet close to acting • Read More »

K88H: Smartwatch with Siri Function for 47 Euro

The K88H is a Smartwatch, which is on the one hand quite reasonably priced and yet on the other hand brings the most important functions, featuring a Smartwatch. What is expected are happy owners of the iPhone: you can work well with Apple’s Smartphone. Fast hardware At the K88H, a processor has been installed by • Read More »

It’s The Most Complicated Watch Ever Made!

LSwiss watchmaking House Vacheron Constantin had decided to make its 260th anniversary an anniversary not like any other and it’s made! The brand born in 1755 presents today the Vacheron Constantin ref 57260, the most complicated watch ever made in the world… An exceptional piece that highlights the work of a watchmaking House which has not • Read More »

Different Types of Cardio Watches

The cardio watch is truly democratized with unbeatable prices, so accessible to all. But manufacturers have understood also that it was in their interest to offer models offering added value to the sport regardless of the sport. So it is that, thanks to still more advanced technology and miniaturization to the extreme, they have enriched • Read More »

The Admiral’s Cup Legend Lady, Femininity By Corum Watch…

COrum offers a new women’s watch in his Admiral’s Cup collection. This Contemporary Legend Lady has to appeal to a female clientele. She, of course, kept elements of the original design, the twelve architecture of the box is now thinner, lighter, much more gentle, elegant and very distinct. The Legend Lady is available with different • Read More »

The Stranger Of Ulysse Nardin Watch Plays Vivaldi

Non, no, it’s not a joke or a title shot by the hair, the Swiss House Ulysse Nardin has unveiled at the beginning of year 2015 a new Stranger watch, a watch that plays the melody of the concerto for violin in e minor of Vivaldi! And besides, she gives the time then that ask for • Read More »

SMA – R Buy: Waterproof Smartwatch Leather Strap on Sale

A round thing The SMA – R is a Smartwatch which connects to your Smartphone and then added features. It is compatible with Android and iOS, where at least Android 4.4 or iOS 8.0 is required. It communicates via Bluetooth 3.0 or 4.0 with the Smartphone. SMA has a Mediatek processor installed in the Smartwatch, • Read More »

US03 Bluetooth Smartwatch on Sale

GearBest currently have the Bluetooth Smartwatch US03 on offer. It is available in four different colors and reduced by 52 percent. Interested should strike but as soon as possible, because there are only a few pieces. In black, Brown, silver, or gold, there are the US03 Smartwatch in the range of GearBest. Currently, the piece • Read More »

Buy ZGPAX S99: Smartwatch with Mobile Phone on sale

All-in-one The ZGPAX S99 is a Smartwatch and a Smartphone. It comes with a SIM slot and hardware that is able to run Android 5.1 lollipop. More specifically is a Mediatek MTK6580 with four cores and 1.3 GHz processor. A Mali-400 MP graphics chip brings as well as 512 MB of RAM and 8 GB • Read More »

Buy E07: Fitness Bracelet in the Smartwatch Design

Waterproof fitness bracelet The E07 is a fitness bracelet that comes across to the part like a Smartwatch. Because on the round, equipped with an OLED Panel screen will display the time and some current data, extracted from the paired Smartphone. You can by the way both connect Android devices than iPhones so and use. • Read More »

DM88 Smartwatch Sale

Currently, there is a Flash sale for a limited time in which the Smartwatch DM88 is reduced. It is offered in three different color combinations for less than 35 Euro. It also provides familiar features of other models. Who is looking after a Smartwatch, which visually at first glance has a relatively sophisticated and discreet • Read More »

How to Choose Accessories for Cardio Watches

All watches cardio of course measure the heart rate, but they offer also other additional very useful functions to manage his training. Apart from the price criterion, it is therefore not easy to choose the model that will best meet its needs. Here is a summary of the main features available on these devices. You • Read More »

U8 Smartwatch for under 7 Euros on Sale

Admittedly, the regular purchase price doesn’t cost the Earth also. But currently the U8 Smartwatch at our partner shop GearBest is reduced to less than 7 euros. Interested parties should quickly slamming, because the offer not the is time limited, but applies only as long as supplies last. The U8 Smartwatch at GearBest is offered • Read More »

Xiaomi Tourch Screen Smartwatch

Although the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi with models of MI is band series successfully on the wearable market en route, a Smartwatch was so far only said the company. Now an analyst published a post in which he reported that the “smart sport watch” more expensive than might be expected. Late April forerunner 3, that to • Read More »

FINOW X 5 Android Smartwatch on Sale

With the Finow X 5 is currently a real Android- Smartwatch at the online-shop GearBest on offer. The device is offered in black, silver and champagne. What makes a good Smartwatch? It should already be a system like Android or watchOS. Then it should be cheap. For something more than 112 euros, you can buy • Read More »

How To Choose His Watch For Men

Discreet or flashy, the choice of a show for us men is important. Or even crucial. In the window, you can’t always choose which. How to choose your watch? The one that fits best with your style and especially your lifestyle. Contrary to what one might think, the watch says more about you than your blah blah… • Read More »

Smartwatches Mother’s Day Offer

Who wants to do his mother for mother’s day like some good, who can access, for example, to the bids for Smartwatches Everbuying. Specifically to the great day of all mothers, the online shop establishes a bidding phase. Also a number of Smartwatches are greatly reduced. Since May 2, there is a special offer period • Read More »

How the Smartwatch Can Help Car Drivers If the doorbell rings

As well as all Smartwatches and increasingly fitness bracelets can play notifications from the phone on the wrist. Also telephony is possible. In well-trained ecosystems can help even when navigating the Smartwatch – makes you move, for example, by Apple maps through the town, the Apple Watch helps hard-working. With a vibration is announced, if • Read More »