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Cronovo: ECG Measuring Device in the Guise of a Smartwatch

Crowdfunding is a proven resource for start-ups to fund their products on the one hand and to make them known on the other. At the moment, the company from Cronovo, based in England, is on the right track with its Smartwatch of the same name. On kickstarter, the manufacturer promises a Smartwatch, which can keep an eye • Read More »

Google Announces Its Two Smartwatches for Early 2017

Now the cat is also quite officially out of the sack: Since this summer, there have been about half a year of speculation about the first two Smartwatches from the house Google. The fact that the search engine giant sends two intelligent watches in the coming year is more than just an open secret. Now, however, it • Read More »

How to choose a watch for a masculine Look

If I showed you the importance of the essential accessories for a masculine Look in this article, one in particular is more important than all the others and deserves to devote a whole article: the watch. Why should I choose an elegant watch? How to choose a watch for men? Why choose an elegant watch? • Read More »

ZTE W01 Smartwatch Shopping with Discount

At GearBest, you can currently buy the ZTE W01 Smartwatch with 20% discount. The wristwatch offers a metal casing in the circular design and an IPS display. With Chinese manufacturers, the ZTE W01 is a Smartwatch in the middle price segment. In this specific case, it provides higher-quality materials but no Android Wear, but a • Read More »

A Week With The Hamilton Khaki Field Watch

Fwavy in 1892 in Lancaster in Pennsylvania (USA), Hamilton is a well known watch brand of watch lovers, beautiful automatic watches at affordable prices benefiting now from the Swiss Made label with his arrival in Biel, capital world of watchmaking. Today, we offer you to discover one of the most beautiful new 2015 presented brand • Read More »

X 10 Smartwatch on Sale

In round case with leather strap, Crown and button customers can purchase the X 10 Smartwatch. At Gearbest, she is currently in the bid to have a summer sales action. While the summer sale will run a couple of days, particularly favourable offer of the X 10 Smartwatch on numbers is limited. First come, first • Read More »

Kingswear KW18 Smartwatch on Sale

Who is looking after a Smartwatch with round housing design, with which you can call on top, which should consider the Kingswear KW18, conveniently offered at Gearbest. The KW18 at Gearbest is sold choice Weis in black or champagne color. It is a GSM compatible Smartwatch which sparks MHz 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 networks. • Read More »

Last Chance: Pre-Order Oukitel A58 Smartwatch Cheap

The Oukitel A58 Smartwatch there continue to Book cheap GearBest. The device combines a golden or silver metal enclosure with a smooth leather strap with rectangular housing design. The pre-order phase for the Oukitel A58 Smartwatch on GearBest runs until July 11. We had already put together some details about the Smartwatch in advance.

Lol 1 G2 Bluetooth Smartwatch in the Summer Offer

Still the holiday season sale promotion will run at GearBest. Part of it is also the No. 1 G2 Smartwatch, which is similar to one of the earlier Samsung models. Customers can strike for less than 35 euros, as long as they are quick enough. Offers GearBest within the framework of the holiday season sale • Read More »

PI Smartwatch with Heart Rate Monitors on Sale

Always know how the pulse beats: you’re with the PI Smartwatch which is currently on offer. The device dominates a few more tricks and is now cheap. What can the watch? The PI Smartwatch is a 1.3-inch Smartwatch that can display 240 × 240 pixels. Your battery is 250 mAh. This means that it is • Read More »

U8S Smartwatch Buy for Just 7 Euros

The online merchant Gearbest wants to know. Bargain hunters can purchase the U8S for little money to get started in the world of Smartwatches. The watch is available in different colors and the range both temporally limited, as well as long as stocks last. Who is fast, which can work harder than Gearbest nor for • Read More »

NO. 1 G4 Smartwatch on Sale

At GearBest, there is today NO. 1 G4 Smartwatch in the offer. Who want to save even more, should use the GearBest app for Android or the mobile Web page because percentages there again about. The NO. 1 G4 Smartwatch is a wristwatch from the category: perhaps it is interested, if there is still no • Read More »

Xiaomi: Confirmed Existence of the Smartwatch by Official Web Site

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, which was able to celebrate with the own MI bands already great success on the market, will present an own Smartwatch is known still in the course of this year. First notes on the product should be now on the official website. As a recent article and a screenshot of the • Read More »

Octopus: Children Smartwatch Fully Financed

The startup JOY from San Francisco wants with the Octopus to accompany children between three and eight years in everyday life and educate early for independence. Parents can create using the appropriate app schedules and set, for example, fixed times for the brushing. The child is then remembered and can confirm a button what is • Read More »

LEMFO-LF13: Smartwatch with Mobile Phone, Camera, and Android

A Smartwatch that comes out in an emergency without a Smartphone? There’s actually – because the LEMFO LF13 is a Smartwatch which can go through even as Smartphone, only in very small. Android running on it and there is also a camera. 1.54 inch and so densely packed The LEMFO LF13 has a screen that • Read More »

Train With One Heart Rate Monitor

Know tame your heart! Measure the value of the effort during a physical activity in real time and use this data to optimize his training, test its form, calibrate an effort, assess its progress or still lose weight, some have dreamed it, others have done it: the cardio frequency meter fulfills this mission. Explanations. Basic • Read More »

MiFone L58: Cheap Smartwatch with iPhone Support

Waterproof and iPhone compatible The MiFone L58 is a Smartwatch, which comes with a 0.66-inch display. To 64 × 48 pixels per OLED displays. The watch connects to Bluetooth 4.0 with the Smartphone. 7 and Androidare supported iPhones from iOS Smartphones from Android 4.0. The unit is waterproof to IP67. It offers several features that • Read More »

DZ09: Order Cheap Bluetooth Smartwatch at Everbuying

Anyone looking for an affordable first step into the world of the Smartwatches, which can contain the DZ09 in the eye. It is currently to have something more than 10 euro. The Smartwatch DZ09 for the price of just 14 euros is currently available. The “smart” wristwatch can be used independently, using a separate SIM • Read More »

What is a Heart Rate Monitor?

As we have seen, the heart rate monitor is not limited to a simple measure of the pulse. It is used to measure the intensity of the instantaneous effort and helps to better manage its training. Common uses include: The optimization of training by calibration of the effort and the programming of target areas. Optimization • Read More »

Mobile Internet for Your Smartwatch – But Cheap

Not every Smartwatch is equal. While most forcibly must be coupled with a Smartphone, there are also enough models that are not completely screwed even without visual contact with the mobile. They can be equipped with a SIM card. We tell you what you need to pay attention. SIM in the watch Why do we • Read More »