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Gifts for Valentine’s Day

This year too, February is dominated by romanticism, because Valentine’s Day is about the most beautiful thing in the world: love! For many, it is a wonderful occasion to reveal to the dearest all his love. Flowers, especially red roses, are, of course, the first place in the gift ideas.

How to Disassemble a Watch

Introduction Learn the art of horology is certainly not an easy job, but not impossible. In fact, you can start with small steps to fix watches and even build your own if you have the time and desire to do so. In particular, in this guide we will see together how to extract still by • Read More »

About Apple Electronics

Apple, who knows? It is virtually impossible to find anyone on planet Earth who has never heard of this company in Cupertino, California. Created by two Steve or Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 literally in the garage of Jobs ‘parents’ House, Apple had a vibrant and tumultuous history in response to anything but • Read More »

Ladies Wearing Watches

When you say that the clock is the “male”, or even “the only jewel” that a man can wear, it certainly goes beyond a simple truism, at least for our time and for our culture. It is undeniable that the great contemporary watchmaking-especially that of high technical content – is especially designed to the male • Read More »

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung is the second South Korean company that produces smartwatch (the other is the LG). Looking at the history and the current size of this company, one cannot but remain open-mouthed in total amazement for at least 15 minutes. If the most Samsung is known as a manufacturer of electronic devices, many will remain stunned • Read More »

Aplus Watch Android

Today we are featuring a smartwatch low-cost which, however, for less demanding might also be satisfactory, especially for its price of only 40 euros and for its compatibility with iPhone, although not completely as on Android: here comes APLUS Watch!

Apple Watch Sales

According to a recent statistic of Strategy Analytics, the 75% of shipments would contain a smart watch from Apple Although the common opinion (or at least that “Note”) is that the Apple Watch is anything but cheap and therefore not for everyone – we talk about models that overrun than 18000 euro -, everything that • Read More »

Garmin Vivoactive Review

The Swiss company leader for satellite navigation systems is trying this smartwatch, and apparently he does well. This Garmin Vivoactive is way out of line, puts all his attentions and particularity to a physically active, engaged in competition and in sport in General. That sport for a living or just to stay fit, this gem • Read More »

About Garmin GPS

Garmin is synonymous with GPS. I am sure it is the snapshot mental Association that you just made you read the word Garmin. And in fact this company is to exploit this, the modern age, technology for identification of your location. Intended initially only to the military, the first customer of Garmin was the United • Read More »

About Sony Electronics

Sony is really a giant. Among the brands mentioned is without a doubt the largest. Its dimensions are not conceivable. Sony is not only synonymous with electronic devices like many of us can think as soon as the Japanese brand name is mentioned. Video games, TVs, camcorders, cameras, medical devices, even record company and even • Read More »

Best Android Wear Apps

Here is a guide-or rather a list-of those that we believe are the best apps for your Android smartwatch Wear: from productivity to the sport, everything you need! The smartwatch are becoming increasingly popular, as we well know. Also because of the price drop for older models, saw the release of the new generation of • Read More »

10 Things To Know How To Choose Watch ?

A Family History Chapter 1 Jean A family history that begins with Jean, the eldest in a family of six boys who, from an early age, has a passion for the world of watchmaking. It comes out then major of his promotion to the Swiss watchmaking school, he wants to turn to the major manufactures to • Read More »

How To Choose a Watch Skeleton Man

Skeleton watches are designed watches with a transparent glass to allow to discover the internal mechanism by running the watch such as the gears or springs. The designs of these watches vary from one manufacturer to another. Some models allow you to see the entire part front and back, while others reveal only the face, • Read More »

The Lady Diver Gold Of Ulysse Nardin Watch

Sophistiquee and sporty at the same time refined in any situation the Lady Diver combines all the assets. Shows-jewel and diving instrument of high reliability, it beats in the rhythm of the calibre a-815, with a power reserve of 42 hours and offering a display of hours, minutes, and seconds, and a date at 6 • Read More »

Jabra Elite Sports: Bluetooth Headphones as a Fitness Tracker

Bluetooth headphones are a welcome companion for those who like to be active and do not want to miss their favorite titles as additional motivation. The further advantage is that no cables interfere with physical activity. The Danish manufacturer Jabra, who, according to his own company philosophy, has written the label “to give life a better sound”, • Read More »

This Wearable Generates Electricity Through Body Heat

The human body must be constantly supplied with energy in order to maintain all important body functions at all times. Therefore, we are constantly eating and transforming energy from food. However, a large portion of the energy that is supplied is dissipated in heat, which is released by the body and can not otherwise be used in • Read More »

Link AKC: Smart Collar Will Be Able to Measure the Health of Dogs

Once again, a smart wearable for pets has appeared on the scene. The smart collar for dogs called Link of the manufacturer AKC tracks the location, the activity as well as the general well-being of the four-legged. Thus the master always has an overview of the state of his animal and can react by a walk or • Read More »

Kai says go: Smartwatch with focus on mini Scheduler

On Indiegogo makes a new campaign about talking. The project with the catchy name “Kai Says Go” could have immediately its market launch is celebrating. The Smartwatch language assistant Kai says wants to score points with a special focus on the aforementioned personal assistant. Whether it works?… On the Crowdfounding platform, the maker of his • Read More »

This Wearable Lets Asthma Sufferers Breathe Freely

There is a new wearable from the field of health that controls the condition of the airways. The combination of inhaler and smarter sensor is aimed at asthmatics and appears revolutionary despite relatively simple technology. The device Respia was invented by the Australian student Katherine Kawecki from the University of New South Wales. For the invention, she was • Read More »