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Smarty Ring:Smartwatch For the Finger Comes

The Smarty ring is a mini Smartwatch for fingers. A small LED on the ring can remotely control your phone and be advised of messages or calls. The Smarty ring is a Crowdfunding platform Project that is in life. It was smart ring, whose Erfinder wanted to collect $ 40,000 to finance long. Meanwhile • Read More »

Pebble Smartwatch:App For E-Ink Watch Download

She was one of the great successes on the Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter: the idea to Pebble, a watch with E-Ink display, collected over $ 10 million from prior purchasers a year ago.

Huawei Talk Band B1:Huawei’s First Smartwatch

The Chinese company Huawei has unveiled the first own Smartwatch at Mobile World Congress (MWC) next to new smartphones and tablets. The talk band B1 features of both gadgets should unite as a hybrid between the fitness band and the Smartwatch.

Apple Smartwatch:Iwatch Production Is Launched

Apple’s fitness-bracelet iWatch, has only been the object of much speculation, could come in the autumn on the market. Because supposedly, Apple has now started with the production of the iWatch.

Freshhotfly:Pebble Smartwatch Now in Color

The well-known Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has brought a colorful version of its eponymous clock on the market. The FreshHotFly Edition will appear in a limited edition.

Gear Live and G Watch:Surprise in the Interior

A look in Samsung’s new Smartwatch gear live and the LG G watch shows the battery with two clocks can be easily replaced. A damaged display, however, can hardly been replaced without breaking the glass. So probably means a display defect: total damage. The crafting experts at iFixit found that out as they the two • Read More »

Microsoft Smartwatch:Used to Release the Windows Clock For Summer

A Smartwatch with additional fitness and health functions from the Microsoft home is in planning. At least the group in a report by the US magazine announced this Forbes. Therefore the Microsoft Watch the Smartwatch by Samsung to resemble and Xbox one use technology of the Kinect sensor from the console.

New Collection of Watches Seiko 2014 of IWC Schaffhausen in Tribute to Cousteau

In 1971, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, better known as “the lawyer of the seas”, he organized an expedition to the Galapagos Islands in order to make your film, “Dragons of the Galapagos”. IWC Schaffhausen presents the new collection Aquatimer 2014 in tribute to Cousteau and his great scientific work in which we discover, not only beautiful drawings • Read More »

Tudor Ends Us Catch in His Exhibition Retrospective of Watches

As you already have through our Lee twitter account a few days we had the pleasure to attend the exhibition”Tudor History on Tour”, the retrospective which the firm Tudor watch organized in Madrid in the successful framework of the Rabat jewelry.

Solidarity Watches, Tag Heuer in Support to a Women

The beautiful Cameron Diaz It is the image of Formula 1 Lady, designed by the prestigious Swiss manufacturing clock Tag Heuer It offers support to Nations United women in its commitment to empower women and promote gender equality.

Chanel Opens Her First Boutique Ephemeral Watches

On the occasion of the launch of the “Premiere” clock, which reinterprets the original version with a String Bracelet, Chanel opened last Friday of May 31, number 19 of the rue Cambon, a ephemeral boutique dedicated to watches.

Breitling Relies on the Connected Watch

Interview with Breitling Vice President Jean-Paul Girardin. Breitling relies on its connected watch Exospace B55 and at the same time improves its Mechanikwerke: in Hamburg, Chronos editor-in-chief Rüdiger Bucher met the vice president of Breitling, Jean-Paul Girardin.

Samsung Has the Knack

With the new Samsung gear S3, the manufacturer backs up our IFA Award for the best newcomer of the Smartwatch. The clock is a successful update of its predecessor and comes back with the unique, rotating bezel.

Pearl Smartwatch AW-414. Go: The Smartwatch Surprise Of IFA-All Info And Articles

In addition to major manufacturers such as Samsung and Qualcomm also Pearl has unveiled an own Smart watch: the AW-414. Go. She distinguishes itself above all as a result from the competition, that she has a SIM slot and can be used completely independently. Has Pearl hereby landed 2013 the surprise hit of the IFA?

The Latest Women’s Watches Trends

As soon as it gets warmer again, the big designers and fashion houses present their latest works and creations every year.This also applies to watches, of course, because a stylish outfit is complemented by a matching ladies’ watch.But what styles are emerging for this year?Is a design of the past days taken up again or • Read More »

Rolex Watches -the Watch That Everyone Wants to Have

“The name sounds good, is easy to maintain and is equal in all European languages pronounced.” Hans Wilsdorf in 1945 because to have recalls, how he almost 40 years previously as a young and resourceful businessman come up with a brand name settled, today internationally for luxury, quality and highest craftsmanship is: Rolex. Perhaps the • Read More »

Price Guide: Overview

Over 1,000 watches from more than 200 brands at a glance–Download or order free shipping!

Dugena: 4 Affordable Vintage Watches

Why Dugena Festa, Monza & Co are so exciting and what to consider when buying A golden Dugena on a Fixoflex band is the epitome of the grandfather watch from the 1960s. But the brand already offered much more–including high-quality Swiss watches at reasonable prices. Today, collecting Dugena watches is an interesting affair.