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Watch Attiny85 Minimalist Using 12 LED-Based

TINY WATCH TIME Here is my design for a clock based on minimalist ATtiny 85 using 12 LEDs, arranged as a clock dial, to display the analog time style: The clock of time based ATtiny85; It is four and five. To display the time of pressing the button on the face of the watch, and then • Read More »

Growth: Booth Expanded His Z Series with the Chronograph Alt1-Zt

The chronograph of the House Bremont ALT1-ZT has already been on the market in 2007 and has acquired since the status of cult shows. This timepiece was designed originally with needs in mind the great travelers and drivers; Bremont inspired Aeronautics for the design of this watch. The manufacturer is known for its robust watches and that people • Read More »

The Second Dead Richard Lange of Lange & Söhne

The second dead Richard spear, Lange & Söhne have presented at the SIHH, International Fair of high watchmaking Geneva, last spring, is likely to be the most accurate wristwatch of manufacturing. And not only this fact: the Watch has a medium size, has a typical design for A. Lange & Söhne that under their best appearance • Read More »

Exchange Exchange – Watch Straps Nato Jumpers

It is not easy to find the bracelet right. I really like a watch-strap of leather, but also short enough straps NATO. These bracelets are world-renowned by the use of soldiers and divers. Even the owners of luxury watches become bored with the look of the watch and if you tire of wearing exactly the same every day. The • Read More »

Men’s Fashion: Choose the Right Watch for Each Occasion

The masculine style is able to define personality, tastes and behavior. Seriously, casual or more bereft, the pieces chosen by men today are full of attitude and high production, being able to be a mirror of everything that the person wearing, represents. However, not only clothes make up this style. The modern man has a variety of • Read More »

Men’s Watches: How to Hit on Several Occasions?

Men’s watches, besides being instruments that mark the hours, are very powerful accessories that give an attitude and personality when composing an elegant look. Of course, amidst diverse options, there is a model for every moment. When choosing the ideal watch, along with personal taste you need to take your style into consideration. The accessory should talk accurately • Read More »

6 Tips For Choosing an Ideal Watch for You

A watch is an essential piece of style for any person and it helps to compose the look at work, in moments of leisure and social events. For many men, then, this object may constitute their only accessory of jewelry or distinction. That’s why, and since there are numerous models and brands on the market, it can be difficult • Read More »

9 Features to Think about Choosing the Ideal Watch

No one likes to have an accessory drawing more attention than it should. The watch is an item that represents the personality of the person holding it. With that, when choosing a model some care should be taken so that there is a mismatch between the way of being and dressing. Check out below 9 tips to get it right • Read More »

Analog Versus Digital Watch: How to Choose the Ideal?

Even men best dressed in the world do not get the full visual without some accessories: the clock pulse. Powerful men like the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Prince Harry can even be seen in public without a tie, but they do not dispense with a watch . But when it comes to buying yours, a question arises: analog or • Read More »

Breitling: Navitimer 01 Dc-3 World Tour

Limited Aviator Chronograph On World Trip The Breitling. And if you hear Breitling, you think not only automatically to the clock icon, but also to the flies. The brand is not only an aviation company, the company itself has its own aerobatic flight deck, organizes airshows, and has such legendary aircraft as a Lockheed Super Constellation from 1955 • Read More »

FrÉDÉRique Constant Classics Index

Goldene Balance 2017: The Finale Runs On Focus Online! As the model name suggests, the Classics Index offers Frédérique Constant a classic three-time watch. Applied, silvered indices and Roman numerals represent the hours, it frames a finely printed minutiae. The date appears in the window at three. The automatic system Sellita SW 200, which finds its place in a 40 millimeter stainless steel • Read More »

Jaquet Droz: Grande Seconde Dual Time

A Second Time Zone For The Clock With The Big Small Second Thanks to a repre- sentatively positioned second time zone and a new clock mechanism, the Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde Dual Time can measure the time with two dimensions. The local time is displayed on the upper dial at the brand’s distinctive watch face, which is slightly • Read More »

The Top 10 Chronographs Of The Year

Which Chronographs Stand Out From The Crowd? Use a mechanical clock to stop the cooking time of pasta? Certainly, the fewest watch lovers use their chronograph for this purpose. Why is this additional function still the most popular of all complications? One reason is undoubtedly the sporty look of the chronographs. But not only the typical design of a • Read More »

Jaeger-Lecoultre: Master Memovox Boutique Edition

Limited Anniversary Edition Of The Automatic Watch With Alarm Clock In 1950, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox, equipped with the hand-held caliber 489, rang for the first time on the wrist. Six years later, the brand presented the world’s first automatic watch with alarm function. Reason enough for Jaeger-LeCoultre to celebrate this 60th anniversary with a limited edition of 500 copies • Read More »

Girard-Perregaux: 1966 Ww.Tc – Sihh 2017

World Clock Enriched Collection 1966 The brand Girard-Perregaux revives one of its most legendary models – the WW.TC, which stands for “World Wide Time Control” and goes back to the former union of the world time function with the chronograph in one and the same time knife. The characteristic crowns on the two housing sides made WW.TC a distinctive • Read More »

Panerai: Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio

New Flat Panerai Luminor With Automatic Movemen The Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic Acciaio is one of the first models of the new Luminor Due collection from Panerai.

The Top 15 World Clocks

All Time Zones In View With A Mechanical World Time Clock Would you like to know if your business partner is already sitting at the desk in Tokyo? Or you are on business trip and would like to say good night to your child? The various time zones of the world and the globalized world of work • Read More »

The Mechanical Movement

How The Mechanical Movement Works And Which Innovations Were Decisive The caliber or movement is the mechanism which is responsible for the drive and the time display inside a watch. The following article explains how the mechanical movement of manual elevators or automatic watches works and which were the decisive steps in its development.

How To Find The Right Omega Speedmaster

Part 1 Of The Purchase Advice To Omega Speedmaster Watches Through the blog, we are able to reach many e-mails with questions about purchasing a Speedmaster from Omega. We took this opportunity to write an article, which is meant to be a purchase advice for the Omega Speedmaster. I would like to give an interesting overview; also for Speedmaster collectors.

Interview: IWC CEO Georges Kern On The New Da Vinci

The IWC Boss Explains The New Da Vinci Model Line IWC presented the new Da Vinci models in Florence. In the interview with Chronos -Chefredaktur Rüdiger Bucher, IWC CEO Georges Kern explains what the new line has to offer. Mr. Kern, where is the new line Da Vinci at IWC? It was important for us that the line is something really new and is • Read More »