Buy E07: Fitness Bracelet in the Smartwatch Design

Waterproof fitness bracelet

The E07 is a fitness bracelet that comes across to the part like a Smartwatch. Because on the round, equipped with an OLED Panel screen will display the time and some current data, extracted from the paired Smartphone. You can by the way both connect Android devices than iPhones so and use. Version 4.3 or later is required for Android, IOS, it is version 7.0 or later.

The fitness bracelet is waterproof to IP67 and has a number of functions. So it can monitor the sleep, count the calories burned as well as the preceding steps. It reminds us that you should stand up and can interact with the Smartphone. So it can cause, when a message or a phone call arrives. Also, it raises the alarm if the Smartphone is too far away. It is connected to the device via Bluetooth 4.0 or later.

Cheap unit

The E07 is a cheap device. In the our site, it is currently on offer and only 21,29 euros. It provides still quite noble main features of a Smartwatch – if you – do without on the apps and see.