Bulgari Vs. Piaget: Who Is the Master of Flat Watches?

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The Italian luxury brand Bulgari surprised two years ago with a collection of extra-flat timepiece. In the Bulgari Roma Finissimo 40th anniversary ticks with the BVL 128, one of the world’s thinnest hand-wound works. On the other hand, Piaget, the Geneva watch-making, has been untouchable for almost 60 years as a maître of the ultra haute Horlogerie and always redefines the limits of what is feasible. In the Altiplano 38 mm 900P merge movement and housing to the world’s thinnest watch of just 3.65 millimeters in height. A concept conceived as a unit is against the basis of a new caliber family. The test is clarified by anyone who chooses this competition.

Here you can download the article for 3.90 euro.

The significant Bulgari Roma Finissimo has never been so dainty. Thanks to Bulgari’s unusually flat caliber BVL 128, it only measures 5.15 millimeters in height, but has an astonishing functionality. At the Piaget Altiplano 38 mm 900P, the housing floor is also used as the base plate of the caliber. This makes the watch reach its unusually flat height. There is no separation between the housing and the work. Which of the spectacular timepiece emerges as the winner from the comparison, you will find in the download–now easy to download for 3.90 euro!

After wristwatches have continued to grow over the last few years, the fine flat timepieces are now gaining more attention. The fact that their development poses a far greater challenge than the magnification of watch cases is usually underestimated. All you need to know about the constructive finesse of the extra flat watches of Bulgari and Piaget can be found in the test by Martina Richter, deputy editor-in-chief of the Watch magazine. It also clarifies whether the gaits of the two models, their wearing comfort, the legibility and the processing meet the requirements that may be placed on the manufacture clocks of these price categories.

You can download the test here. Download it for 3.90 euro and

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Contents of the download comparative test Bulgari vs. Piaget:

Large-format detail pictures of all watches

Data sheet for each watch: Specifications of clock and plant

Aisle protocol for each watch: time scale test and wearing

Reviews watches and works: processing, design, legibility, carrying/Bedienkomfort, construction, Finissage, gear

Value for money

Clear scoring System for evaluation

Test verdict for each watch: Pros and cons listed

Optimal comparability: Data sheets, test results, pros and cons of all clocks placed next to each other

Clearly marked Test winner

Download now and read how the flat watches of Piaget and Bulgari are cut off in the test!

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