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South America

Experience the wild wetlands of the Pantanal, paddle a canoe in the heart of the Amazon or discover Brazil underwater in the stunning Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park. Trackers will help you find the hidden gems in this amazing land. Is your image of paradise to live in a secluded pousada by the beach, a farm in the country or an exclusive hotel in a big city? We help you plan your trip exactly the way you want it – it does not matter if you want to dance samba on the streets of Rio de Janeiro or enjoy lazy days on a beach in Bahía.


In Pantanal, the journey is often the goal. Gliding down a canoe down one of the small rivers, experiencing the wetlands from horseback or hiking with a guide across the plain are the best ways to experience what has been defined by the World Wide Fund for Nature as one of the world’s most protected areas. There are good chances to see endangered animals such as jaguars, cougars, giant otters, macaws, tapirs and giant anteaters.

Amazon The
Amazon is the world’s largest contiguous rainforest area, most of which is located in Brazil. Most trips in the Brazilian rainforest begin in Manaus, 160 km up the Amazon River. Choose between taking a riverboat and staying at a lodge along the river or flying deep into the rainforest to one of the more isolated lodges.

Rio de Janeiro
No other city in the world is so associated with beaches, samba and carnival. Copacabana and Sockertoppen are obvious to the visitor, but Rio has so much more. Visit the local Rio on a favelatura, watch football at the Maracana Stadium or enjoy fantastic meat at one of the famous churraseries. The pleasant climate makes Rio suitable for visiting all year round.

Salvador was founded in 1549 and was the capital of Brazil until 1763. After Lisbon, Salvador was the most important city of the Portuguese Empire. Most African slaves brought to Brazil to work on the sugar plantations arrived in the port city of Salvador. Today, the city has more than 2 million inhabitants, many of African descent. The spicy food and rhythmic music still live on today.


The Cristalino Experience

Cristalino Jungle Lodge is committed to making its visitors enjoy a unique experience in the Amazon rainforest, while learning about the environment and its significance for our daily lives. Cristalino Lodge’s philosophy of hospitality begins with the choice of architecture that uses space in harmony with nature, creating a sophisticated atmosphere of comfort and well-being. 24 hours a day we take care of the small details from the welcome on arrival to the romantic “candlelight dinner”, bar service, the open fire and all activities in the forest and in the well-kept gardens.


Short for BR by abbreviationfinder, Brazil covers almost half of South America and extends over three time zones. It is almost as large in area as Europe from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains and is the world’s fifth largest country. According to countryaah, Brazil’s size and location mean that it borders all South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. The equator cuts through northern Brazil. Just over half of the land area is forested.


The Amazon has a tropical climate with heat and high humidity. It rains often and all year round. In the high plateaus it also gets hot, but the climate there is drier and the area is sometimes exposed to severe drought. The long coastal strip (about 750 km) also has a largely tropical climate, but even there it is drier than in the Amazon.


No – Nordic citizens can stay 90 days without a visa.


Brazilian Real BRL

100BRL = 290.71SEK


Official languages ​​are Portuguese and about 280 Native American languages ​​and dialects.


Mandatory – No compulsory vaccinations are required for entry.

Recommended – Malaria prophylaxis may be considered. Contact your vaccination center for personal needs.

Brazil 2