Block: New Video Shows Modular Smartwatch in Action

In the autumn the first modular Smartwatch named blocks should be delivered, now the makers released a new video in which the wearable in action can be seen. One of the first models produced in a factory in Shanghai can be seen.

In autumn last year launched the Kickstarter campaign to the modular Smartwatch block, whose functionality can be extended with various blocks. Plugged the additional modules are easy on the so-called core, which houses all the technology. The extensions bring, for example, an integrated heart rate monitor, GPS, an LED light or a larger battery. Also one more adventure – and button module will be available, with the latter invokes a previously programmed action when clicking.

For the first time no prototype will be shown in the new video more but a ready made model, which was built in the same factory, in which mass production should soon start. Be seen amongst the already functioning modules, also demonstrates the interface based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Just when the watch application, it becomes clear that still not all by default in Android integrated applications for use on the Smartwatch were revised, what will happen to the market start but hopefully still.

The Kickstarter campaign to block has ended for some time, the modular smart watch is available only through the Charlie of the project – There will cost the core module includes four modules and shipping Germany 345 US dollars, but taxes are added at the time of delivery in October 2016 probably once again.