Best travel time for nature exploration

Best travel time for various activities in the Azores


The best time to travel to the Azores varies depending on the activity . The Azores are particularly popular with nature lovers. The island attracts travelers from all over the world with an incredible play of colors. If you also want to marvel at the flora of the islands, then find out which plants bloom when. You are wondering when the hydrangeas typical of the Azores will bloom? I’ll tell you. I will also give you tips on the best time to watch whales and swim with dolphins. Other popular activities in the Azores include swimming and hiking.

Best time to go whale watching

The best time to go whale watching in the Azores is from May to October. Depending on the island and the month, different whale species can be seen during a whale watching tour. But also outside the main season it is possible to see the impressive animals while whale watching on the high seas.

According to PLUS-SIZE-TIPS, the Azores are ideal for whale watching tours, as they are home to 38 different species of dolphins and whales . These include blue whales, humpback whales, sperm whales, fin whales and orcas. Even from the coast, whales can be seen from a distance in many places. To see the impressive animals up close, take a boat trip for whale watching. Whale watching tours are organized several times a day at the port of Ponta Delgada – the capital of the Azores . During an excursion in spring, it is not uncommon to see the world’s largest animal, the blue whale. The island of Pico is an ideal starting point for whale watching, as there are many different species of whales and dolphins around the island.

Region Best time to go whale watching Best travel time for dolphin swimming
Pico Late March to early November Early March and late October
São Miguel Early March to late October Beginning of May to the end of September
Faial Beginning of May to the end of September Beginning of May to the end of September

Best travel time for a hiking holiday in the Azores

The Azores are suitable for hiking holidays all year round. The best time to travel to the Azores is from June to October. During this time you should expect the least rain during your hikes. Due to the mild temperatures in summer, it doesn’t get too hot for hiking between June and August.

The Azores island of Faial is a popular vacation spot for hikers. The Caldeira crater is located on the island at a height of 900 meters . You can go around it within three hours. The descent into the crater is only permitted with a permit and accompanied by a guide. A 23-kilometer hiking trail leads from the Caldeira to the Capelinhos volcano. The island of São Jorge is particularly scenic, because it scores with its breathtaking cliffs. For advanced hikers, São Jorge is a great holiday destination that attracts with challenging routes. Once the ascent is done, you will be rewarded with a wonderful view over the island with its colorfully blooming hydrangeas.

Hikes around the neighboring lakes Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul on the Azores island of São Miguel are particularly recommended . The names of the lakes reveal that they shine in gorgeous green and blue. You are guaranteed a unique sight during your time in the Azores. Or you can hike around the crater lake Lagoa do Fogo. A breathtaking panorama awaits you there at an altitude of 600 meters. A water canal, pastureland and beach sections are located along the circular hiking trail. Ornithologists get their money’s worth here during an Azores holiday, as the area is used by a wide variety of bird species as a place of rest and protection. It is worth knowing that the lake is often covered with fog. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a clear view of the lake during your hike.

Best travel time for nature exploration

The Azores are an ideal travel destination for nature lovers . Due to the year-round warm temperatures, different flowers, bushes and trees bloom in every season. In spring, the islands are bathed in a lush green. From February azaleas and camellias bloom in full splendor in the Azores. A little later, however, the hydrangeas begin to bloom. The Azores are particularly known for their kilometer-long bushes. These give the islands a wonderful pink, white, blue and purple color. Due to the hydrangeas, the Azores are nicknamed the “Blue Island”. If you don’t want to miss the play of colors in the Azores, you should fly to the islands between June and early August. Nature lovers also get their money’s worth in autumn. During this time, oleander bushes, hibiscus and species of amaryllis bloom.

For tea lovers , Ponta Delgada is worth a trip. The city is home to the only two tea plantations in Europe. Tea is grown in the Azores without the use of any chemical additives. The different types of tea are harvested between March and September. The yield is not exported abroad, but only covers domestic needs. Even pineapple plantations can visit her during your Azores holidays. In greenhouses you can see pineapple plants of different growth stages. One of the plantations is located in the west of the island of São Miguel in Faja de Baixo. You can buy the harvested pineapples there and enjoy them after your visit. You see, the vegetation of the Azores has a lot to offer. The ideal travel time for exploring nature reigns all year round as different plants bloom each time of the year.

Best travel time for a beach holiday

The best travel time for a beach holiday in the Azores is from June to October. Because during these months the temperatures in the Atlantic are between 20 and 23 degrees Celsius. In addition, vacationers can expect the most sun during this period and the average temperatures are 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.

The Azores have a manageable number of beach sections due to their cliffs. Nevertheless, the archipelago is suitable for beach holidays. In Santa Maria are the most beautiful sandy beaches of the Azores. Santa Maria is nicknamed the Sun Island for a reason. You can spend your beach holiday here in sunshine and pleasant temperatures until November. The beaches of the island are also suitable for a vacation with children in the Azores due to the shallow water.

Best travel time for nature exploration