Ban on Apple Smartwatches in British and Australian Cabinet Meetings

British ministers are no longer allowed to wear an Apple Watch in the Cabinet sessions, so it at least “The Telegraph” reports. The reason for this is the danger from hackers, which could gain access to the built-in microphones and thus reach sensitive and politically explosive information. It is only the talk of the “Apple Watch”, but it can be assumed that the two new Smartwatches of Apple, the Series 1 and 2, are also forbidden.

This measure is only consistent: Smartphones have been forbidden in the meetings for some time and smartwatches provide a similar threat. The fear of Russian hackers is currently great. “The Russians are trying to hack everything,” said a non-named person The Telegraph. It is, however, questionable whether this prohibition really applies only to Apple Smartwatches or generally to Smartwatches – because other smart clocks pose a danger potential.


A digital attack in the USA is also seen as a trigger for the ban. Hackers should have access to the e-mails of the National Congress. Precisely because in the USA at the time election campaign prevails, particularly explosive information could have reached the wrong hands. The US government officially made Russia responsible.

At the same time it was apparently also known that the Apple Watch in Australia was banished from the cabinet meetings. An advisor to Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is said to have given more attention to communications security. In view of the increasing number of different devices with Internet connection, this is urgently necessary: ​​”There will be more and more items to be banished from the meetings in the future.”

It is a well-known game: as soon as technical developments characterize society and change, the laws have to be adapted to the new conditions. In the digital age, data protection plays an important role. It is probably only a matter of time before other countries, including Germany, adopt a similar ban.