ASUS Presents Its Latest SmartWatch at the IFA with the ZenWatch 3

On Wednesday, the Taiwanese manufacturer ASUS officially introduced its long-awaited third Smartwatch. We are live and do not want to deprive you of any details. It listens to the name ZenWatch 3 and could impress with some innovations. The rumor that the wearable is now available with a round display has been confirmed. The two previous models were still marked by a square screen. In addition, there are innovations that affect the battery and with three buttons, the ASUS ZenWatch 3 is a unique feature among the Android Smartwatches.


Round is therefore the AMOLED display, which is 1.39 inches tall and with a pixel density of 287 dpi resolves. The edges are rounded – a so-called 2.5-D glass. The second feature is the three buttons on the right side of the screen. The ZenWatch 3 is thus the first Android Smartwatch, which has three buttons. While the upper and lower ones are programmable at the user’s convenience, the medium has its assigned task, as is typical of other smartwatches. Consequently, this is the so-called home buttons. By pressing and holding the button, the user calls the system settings.

ASUS donates an additional battery, which extends the runtime by up to 40 percent. This is attached to the underside of the watch and docked magnetically at a given position. The regular integrated 340 mAh battery can withstand up to two days in normal use. In addition, the manufacturer promises that in standby mode up to three days without charging are possible. A recharge mode is also back from the game, where 60 percent of the battery should be recharged within 15 minutes.

The users again have to relinquish to a GPS module as well as a heart rate sensor, which was still part of the very first model. A microphone has been integrated for this purpose. According to IP67, the Wearable is splash-proof. In October and so in a few weeks which should ASUS ZenWatch 3 come on the market and is available in two versions. Models with leather bracelet cost 249 euros, while the models with plastic bracelets are already available for 229 euros. A large selection of variations of the bracelets is again available, as was already the case with the older models. The stainless steel case is offered in the sounds gun metal, rose gold and silver.