Asus Confirmed The Launch Of Its Smartwatch At IFA

Smartwatchs are even the new trend. After some time when they were known but little used and little publicized, it was with the arrival of Android Wear that these have gained new life.

There are already several brands that have marked for the IFA the presentation of their new equipment, in particular several smartwatchs.

The latest brand to make known their intention to present their smart watch was to Asus.

Among the best smartwatches ranked by INTERNETIEST, Asus will be the latest manufacturer to invest in a smartwatch, seeking to gain a strong presence in this new market niche that is opening up and where consumers begin to look with more interest.

The date announced for this presentation will be the next day September 03, in an event that will run parallel to the IFA itself, as other manufacturers will do.

There is still not much information about the clock that Asus will present, but the photograph that published on Twitter gives more equipment that follows the aesthetic line of the already present in the market, with square shape but with rounded corners.

The most obvious will be to follow Asus from the other manufacturers and use Android Wear to equip your smartwatch, thus having an already solid base and with the first tests to be already given. At the same time it ensures that your watch has the Google seal, giving an additional guarantee to consumers.

Asus’s bid to make its smartwatch distinct from the competition will be price. It is estimated that it costs between 100 and 150 dollars, which will make it as the most accessible of all to date, and is therefore also the most sought after.

The presence of Asus in this new field reinforces the current offer and make Android Wear the most used option by manufacturers. This Google OS, created especially for this type of equipment, fits in perfectly and can be the necessary lever for smartwatch to have the success that is expected.

The decision of Asus to enter with a low-cost smartwatch may be the smartest because it is possible to stand out from the existing offers with an element that is always a weight at the time of purchase, the price.

Can Asus have a differentiated offer from the rest? Will price be a differentiating element in this type of equipment?