Arc: Featherweight Fitness Bracelet Presented

Amazfit Arc is a new fitness bracelet introduced today in the US San Francisco. In the product description probably the first one the Chinese company Xiaomi to shoot through the head. Finally, the manufacturer has a fitness tracker in the assortment, which listens to the name Xiaomi. A Smartwatch, which adapts to this name, will also appear in the future. These products have developed the brand from the land of the rising sun together with the partner Huami, which ultimately makes the products. And to Huami belongs again the US company, which has presented at the beginning of the new fitness bracelet. So much for prehistory – now the actual product.

Arc is a tracker, with a very low weight of just 20 grams and a whole range of functions will soon be on the market. That the tracker is such a light weight, he owes to the stable and at the same time extremely light ceramic housing surrounding it. It also ensures that it has been certified according to IP67 and is therefore insensitive to dust and splash water. For swimming, however, he should rather be left at the edge of the pool or on the shore. Another characteristic of the ceramic case is that scratches can not affect it and it is also suitable for allergy sufferers. The display of the Amazfit Arc is an OLED touch screen, which is also distinguished by its resistance. It has been given a coating, which also protects it from scratches.


But now to the intrinsic values of  Arc fitness bracelet. Points can be the battery, which creates it for a running time of up to 20 days. In order to supply new energy, the Wearable does not have to be clamped to the socket – this is wireless. Thanks to an optical heart rate monitor, the tracker gives his owner a permanent look at his pulse. Otherwise, the solid fitness strap can count the steps, determine the distance traveled, and make statements about burnt calories. In addition, it animates more movement and monitors sleep, while also evaluating the quality of the night rest. In short, it fulfills all relevant tasks of a fitness bracelet.

Compatible is the Arc Fitness Tracker with iOS and Android. On the smartphone, the Arc Companion app offers the possibility to analyze the data collected by the device accurately. In addition, the configuration of the sporty wearable is also effected, whereby, for example, a number sheet can be defined. In conjunction with the mobile phone, the device alerts you when a call or message arrives with a vibration on the wrist.

The Arc Fitness Bracelet can already be pre-ordered on the manufacturer’s homepage at this time. In the trade comes it already mid-November, whereby Amazon offers the tracker for the purchase. The suggested retail price is $ 69.99. This equals about 64 euros.