AppleWatch Nike + is officially released on October 28th

In the course of the presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 2, the group from Cupertino with the Apple Watch Nike + had also presented a very sporty variant of the intelligent clock. While the Apple Watch Series 2 has been available for a few weeks, the Wearable, developed in cooperation with the American sports article manufacturer, has to be maintained. It is now known that it is officially available from October 28th. On this day the delivery starts and even those who have made a pre-order from 9th September will receive the Apple Watch Nike +. You can buy the sporty Smartwatch then in the Apple Stores, on and in selected stores.


Basically, the Apple Watch Series 2 and which are Apple Watch Nike + technically identical. But, of course, the electronics giant has worked with the sports article manufacturer on some features that make the wearable particularly sporty. This starts with the bracelet, which is available in four different versions. Integrated holes provide better ventilation and prevent sweat formation. In addition, the Apple Watch Nike + bracelet is lighter so it does not interfere with athletic activity and ensure comfortable wearing comfort.

In addition, the Nike + Run Club App is already preinstalled, to which the user has a quick access. The application is able to record the distance, the pulse of its wearer as well as its tempo and display it at any time. In the course of an activity there is the opportunity to carry out an extensive evaluation. The attribute of an intelligent clock is the Apple Watch Nike + at the latest when the motivation to more activity is discussed. Depending on the expected weather situation, Smartwatch informs you whether the conditions are suitable or whether there is a risk of getting wet. In addition, the wearable remembers when the last activity has been carried out and what services have been provided. The owner of the sporty watch is given access to the Nike + Run Club as well – where he can exchange with other athletes and friends and enter into a sporting competition.

There are digital and analogue dials to choose from, with whose design Nike also had his fingers in the game. They can be customized by selecting the information to be viewed at a glance. There are also special commands for the intelligent voice assistant, which are reserved for the sporty version of Apple Smartwatch.

These features distinguish the AppleWatch Nike + essentially from the Apple Watch Series 2. Apart from that, the new version of the operating system watchOS 3 is also installed and an integrated GPS module is just as much a feature as a dual-core processor. The Smartwatch is also waterproof up to 50 meters deep and is also intended for swimming. The Apple Watch Nike + is available in the 38-millimeter version at a price of 420 euros and in the 42-millimeter version for 450 euros.