AppleWatch Nike + Is Available Today and Has an Update in the Luggage

And another message this Friday to Apple: About two weeks ago, the company announced, now it is time. The Apple Watch Nike + is now available. Those who have pre-ordered the sporting watch from the Cupertino group are expected to have already received a package in the course of the day. Otherwise, it is available in the 14 Apple stores available all over Germany. Suitably, Nike has updated its Run Club app, which is also available today and brings some extras, which makes this version of the Apple Watch Series 2 even more attractive and sporty.

The Apple Watch Series 2 and the Apple Watch Nike + are priced at 419 euros for the 38-millimeter version and 449 euros for the 42-millimeter model. This is easy to understand, because they differ little from the technical aspects. Both new Apple watches have a more powerful battery and a lighter screen compared to its predecessor. The Apple Watch Series 2 and the now available Apple Watch Nike + are equipped with a GPS module, which makes the movement in the open air much better. Likewise, the companion on the wrist is thus a bit more independent of the iPhone, because this does not have to be jogging necessarily.


A big difference is the bracelets. Here, the sporty model is perfectly tailored to sports activities according to the air-permeable and light design of the bracelets. Apple has also pointed out that these are not separately available for the Series 2, because they are rather the characteristic feature of the Apple Watch Nike + and are reserved exclusively to it. Other features include the special watch interfaces, developed in collaboration with the sports article manufacturer Nike. These are also only available for AppleWatch Nike +. You can access the Nike + Run Club app directly from the dial.

This has in the course of the sales launch of the Apple Nike + Watch out an update to version 5.1 and can be downloaded with a file size of 200 MB immediately. The manufacturer from Cupertino advises, however, before the clock with the update on watchOS 3.1 to the latest state. Afterwards, the new features of the new app version can be enjoyed. This includes special Siri voice commands. These include, among other things, the start, stop and continuation of a run. In addition, AppleWatch Nike + can now remind its users of a scheduled run. Obendrein it is possible to connect the app with Apple Music. This gives the option to synchronize a Playlist offline.

In addition, the Nike + application permanently retrieves important information during a run in the form of heart rate, distance traveled and the current speed. It also offers the opportunity to enter into a sporting challenge with friends and to get informed about whether the weather is suitable for jogging.

If you are not one of the pre-buyers of the AppleWatch Nike + and still interested in the sporty Smartwatch, you have several options to purchase. The classic variant would be to order the clock in Apple’s online shop. However, this is currently associated with the longest waiting period: Currently the delivery period is there with three to four weeks. The direct way would be to examine the model on site in one of the Apple stores and then buy it – if it is not out of print there. A third option is to visit the Nike website. There the wearable is also offered and the two to four days, until the package messenger arrives, are also to cope.