Apple’s Update to watchOS 3.1 Ensures Longer Battery Life

It’s now a week since Apple has missed an update on its smartwatch operating system watchOS. The update to watchOS 3.1 was also provided with iOS 10.1 for iPhones and iPads. The company from the California Cupertino had promised in particular that small errors of the operating system were repaired and a performance improvement of the Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 is to be established. As the first feedback from the users can be seen, Apple has kept word and the new version of the software keeps the battery by much longer. This should not only make the buyers happy, but can also be important in many respects for the manufacturer himself.

In AppleWatch forums, feedback can be read, where the general consensus after the update is on watchOS 3.1: The Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 can be longer now. And indeed, much longer: so far, the intelligent clock has been around 18 hours and thus not a full day, until it again demanded for new energy supply. Most users now spend two days. With a not so intensive use are even up to three days in it. A bearer of the Apple Watch even reported that he had 16 hours in operation and all background services were activated – the subsequent Akkustand: still 75 percent. However, AppleWatch Series 1 and 2 only benefit from this improvement. The very first AppleWatch, which was released last year, does not show any change; occasionally even shortened running times are mentioned.


In any case, Apple makes the update an important step. Finally, users now have the opportunity to wear the watch at night. Previously, she had daily to the outlet. The company has also created the basis for sleep-tracking. The control and evaluation of the night rest has not yet been a feature the Wearable had in stock. The short recharge times were the main reason for this. As announced at the end of September, Apple has set up sleep control and would like to offer it next to other fitness functions in the future.

In addition, Apple with a prolonged battery life is likely to meet the potential prospect – at least if the generally very reliable testimony of the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is believed. The expert is of the opinion that the reason for the low sales figures of the Apple Watch among other things at the Akku is. Many potential buyers may be frightened when they learn that they have to load the device daily. According to a recent analysis by the US market research institute International Data Corporation (IDC), sales of the popular brand in the third quarter have declined by about 71 percent. If 3.9 million of the smart watches were sold in the second quarter, only 1.1 million copies were sold via the shop counter. By Apple’s use of watchOS 3.1 to make the battery more persevering, this could be an argument for many of the Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2.