Apple Watch Series 2: Update on watchos 3.1.1 Causes Difficulties

A small update, which should bring some improvements for the activity rings and notifications – so Apple’s update of the operating system to the version watchOS 3.1.1 was actually intended. But instead of more comfort, the new firmware brings a number of errors, which means that the AppleWatch Series 2 also completely denies the service. Although the company from Cupertino does not yet know the cause, he has responded immediately.


Since Monday evening, Apple has provided its operating system the refreshed version watchOS 3.1.1 and these are now withdrawn. Some users then complained that some physical activities were no longer recorded by the Apple Watch Series 2 and that they could no longer partially use optical heart rate measurement.

Even more unpleasant know other owners to report. On the display of their Apple Watch Series 2 after the update is only a red exclamation point to see and the device stops responding. A solution to this would be a restart by pressing the crown and the side button for ten seconds at the same time. This brings but generally brings nothing. In most cases, the latest generation of Apple Smartwatch is affected, but older models are also supposed to suffer from the errors.

As a first logical step, Apple has removed the update immediately so that no other users can access the incorrect download. The solution for those concerned: Send the device or visit the next Apple store. There, the employees have a special charging cable, with which they can restart the Smartwatch. The exact cause of the inconvenience can not yet be said at this time. Error reports are still being checked. It is also questionable when Apple provides the update again for download.