Apple Watch Series 2: Apple Redefines Its Target Audience

When Apple introduced its first Smartwatch, the Apple Watch, probably not only the manufacturer itself assumed that the product would start the great triumph of the Smartwatches. Some analysts and media representatives hoped that the Apple Watch could be similar to the market, just like the first iPhone. Although the Apple Watch quickly became the best selling Smartwatch, it did not leave the lasting impression, which may be attributed to the iPhone. No wonder, therefore, that Apple’s target group with the Apple Watch Series 2 already clearly clearer.


This also shows the cooperation with Nike, for example, the Apple Watch Nike + clearly targets joggers / runners. But also the regular Apple Watch Series 2 is now suitable with the new GPS feature, especially for fitness enthusiastic users. Overall, Apple’s focus was on health and fitness. Other features such as messaging, notifications and apps moved into the background. This can also be seen on the first promovideo to the Smartwatch, which is fully geared to sports.

Also the Apple Watch Series 2 is now resistant to water and suitable for swimming. It is clear that Apple’s Apple Watch Series 2 would thus cover closer than a fitness bracelet. Whether this new strategy for the Apple Watch Series 2 rises, is currently difficult to say, of course. Fitness bracelets are significantly cheaper, so Apple must also emphasize the additional benefits of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Analysts assume that Apple has to work mainly on the recharge time, because here, pure fitness bracelets are, of course, ahead. This is especially important for long-distance runners. Nevertheless, there is the chance that owners of so-called basic wearables, ie simple fitness bracelets, will switch to even more flexible devices like the Apple Watch Series 2. Whether Apple can take advantage of this opportunity must show the time.