Apple Watch Review: Initial Tests Show Problems of the Smartwatch

Long app loading times, short battery life, complicated and expensive – so is the conclusion of the first tests of the Apple Watch around the globe. This is a serious judgment for a prestige product like the Apple clock, the first product of the company, which was created after the death of Steve Jobs. But there is also a good side.

Apple Watch Review Initial Tests Show Problems of the Smartwatch

Slow Apple Watch: lame app start and long reaction time

In one of the larger tests criticized The verge, that the Apple clock for all too long needs a tad bit. So, the display will be illuminated only when looking at the clock – but the activation takes place only after a “scare” what raises the inevitable handle for the Smartphone in your pocket.
Also locating via Bluetooth from the iPhone in your pocket, lasts very long, for some, like the Wall Street Journal fault:you want to bring out his paper map, says the tester. Instead of waiting for the localization of the uber-app, you could run faster, says the verge. In particular third-party apps need forever to start – if they ever start. Worst but: The Watch not – responding sometimes for a few seconds without apparent reason.
Assessment of CHIP:The stutterers can be traced to unfinished software. Obviously, Apple had trouble to keep his schedule. The earrings and the lame speed should be eliminated however with the second or third major operating system update. The same has already promised Apple to the verge. It is more difficult with apps that access the iPhone. Here some large amounts of data via Bluetooth. Localization is generally time consuming and to carry the iPhone in your pocket, is not conducive to the GPS location. Until here does something itself, such as a GPS receiver in the watch, some versions of Apple watch are likely to see the light of day.

Quickly flabby: Short battery life

The duration of the Apple Watch is longer than some in advance had feared. But according to the verge, however no way passes to charge once per day, the clock at the latest during the second day. How Recode running, the loading time is very long:two and a half hours it takes to get to 100 percent. Also the inductive charger dissolves too fast by the clock – annoying, if it is at night accidentally next to it. A charging station there the clock according to the verge for the at least 10,000 dollar Edition variant only.
Assessment of CHIP:The battery life is a general problem of Smartwatches. Apple already does all it can to stretch the term as far as possible: screen off, outsource functions on the iPhone, backlight down – and a power saving mode, which displays only the time. Without a new battery technology she will not significantly improve the run time by using the next version of the watch. Apple’s accessories policy is even more questionable.

Annoying notifications: Apple Watch vibrates in a tour

That the Apple Watch knocks the winner at incoming messages or app releases gently on the arm, discrete sounds in theory and simple – in practice it may be annoying, however, as the Wall Street Journal. Because whose emails, SMS or iMessages to be signaled, or which apps should notify the user must for each contact, each app cumbersome set of hand. Without this setting the notifications on the wrist but can exceed quickly pleasant, like the New York Times It noted such as Facebook messages. The verge faulted the missing “do not disturb” mode.

Assessment of CHIP:Here that has Apple Watch repair supplies: an automatic feature, which automatically detects important contacts, might help to reduce terror alert in advance and to reduce configuration time. For third-party apps, a top-ten system could help:users would allow only their ten most important apps to make through notifications. That also a single app a user with messages fill up, would be that however also not solved. Here, Apple must have above all an eye on the third-party.

Complicated: Operation not very intuitive

With the Apple Watch re code compares the first contact with the first use of the iPhone. The first time we do not understand how the clock is operated, as it wipes away notifications. The New York Times criticized that you often don’t know due to the limited size of the display and thus missing graphic elements, where one is that user input work at one point, the other not. This put be but the testers according to after a few days of use.
Assessment of CHIP:Apple has long been on the operation of the Apple Watch. It is unlikely that the basic concept something is changing in the near future. It is also unusual for an Apple product that it is not ad-hoc. The front panel should cause that one but rather quickly reaches for the iPhone, many watches on E-Bay will experience their second spring. At the price of junk.

Address: If you have an iPhone, then you have… a problem

Without an iPhone 5 or higher the Apple Watch doesn’t work, which is known. However, in the tests occurred only actually access how many features on the iPhone: next to the localization is the phone function that accesses the clock via Bluetooth on the iPhone one. On the other points, however, language assistant Siri criticised too often on the phone, such as recode: while she easily respond to prompts, as displays a route guidance, reference questions that require a response – about “How will the weather be tomorrow” on the Smartphone.
Assessment of CHIP:Siri would actually like made for the watch, even if it looks probably takes getting used to, to talk publicly in his wrist. A gross design mistakes is to let all people again and again it phone refer to the language assistant. It is hoped that Apple here seem to shape up after software updates – if the software design to that at all.

And what is good about the Apple Watch? Apple pay!

With the Apple Watch can be quickly and easily pay via Apple pay, re code reported. Pressing the button on the side of the watch twice and keeps them on the payment terminal. Problem:When Apple brings the system to Germany is completely open.
On the whole, it seems to have been that on the positive side, however. Or as the verge puts it:”there’s nothing faster than using a laptop or Smartphone could be – except maybe the time check in.”
CHIP online says:
Wait! Apple brought out well just two Apple watches in the run-up to the German press – the German IT pages were not even if CHIP has long sought a test copy. A possible reason:Apple wants to position the watch as a lifestyle product and not as a technology gadget and hence reporting. Nastier tongues:the company wanted its first Smartwatch launch any rigorous laboratory test faced, but rather on the arm of an enthusiastic journalists.
But even if these pictures actually can be seen in the first reports – even the sometimes considered tendentious US press keeps criticism not behind the mountain. If an American online technology magazine in its test as a positive point “The cutest Smartwatch market” lists, we can not advise you without their own test results to the purchase. For this we ask ourselves like the Apple store in the snake like all other customers also.   (nh)