Apple Watch 42 Mm: Bigger, Faster, Better

Conclusion:Apple Watch sports scores in the test better than the Apple Watch sport 38 mm, 42 mm and is test winner. Reasons are a stronger battery, better handling, and flottere performance as this made the small Apple Watch sports.

CHIP sets after and strap himself after the 38-millimeter version Apple Watch sport to the large version with 42 mm diagonal. The result: in the Smartwatch leaderboard the Apple Watch Sports 42 mm now leads the test field and thus the Sony Smartwatch 3 And the Apple Watch sport 38 mm on their places.

Apple Watch 42mm:more space for WatchOS

In the Test report about the Apple Watch sports with 38-mm package, we noticed that WatchOS requires a certain settling before the operation works intuitively. Analog is our experience with the 42 mm model. WatchOS like us on the Apple Watch sport 42mm then but significantly better: menu items can be means to select, the app’s menu features larger icons and WatchFaces come to the fore. Thanks to the larger screen save also the occasional turn on the digital Crown. Explanation: generally use the Apple Watch via touch input, but, for example, to zoom maps into it, to scroll through menus, or to use just the app list, you must use the Crown on the side. The pressure-dependent ForceTouch works perfectly as on the small clock. In addition, the pixel density will not suffer the bigger display – 334 PPI is 3 pixels over the value of the smaller watch, because the display resolution has grown to 312 x 390 pixels. Total can better serve the 42 mm watch, is but just not too big as a Samsung gear S. With eleven millimeters thick, the Apple Watch remains however still not just lean, reason is the optical pulse sensor that needs space and showed our current heart rate in the test after about 17 seconds.

Apple Watch 42mm:quick Siri

After the first Apple watch test a update for WatchOS came from Cupertino now. Therefore, we tested our 42 mm model with WatchOS 1.0.1. And Lo and behold, as Apple would have our Report on the 38 mm watch read the performance was significantly improved by Siri. Speech input works at least as reliably, but much faster displays search results: 3.32 seconds it takes the test, until the Apple Watch the world has the result list for our query. Less gratifying: In the Setup menu of the Apple Watch it hakelt always occasionally and juddering occur during fast wipe frequently. Overall, the Apple Watch works but pretty quickly. Still, we miss important apps for the Apple Watch, about WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. So, while we get the info and the contents of a message, but may not directly respond. And: several WhatsApps come in, you receive a notification about it, but no longer by the content. You need to out continue to dig the mobile. However, you can put the not Apple to the load, the providers are needed quickly to bring out their apps for WatchOS here.

Apple Watch 42mm:battery advantage played out

Apple uses the gained space for a 246 mAh large battery. This does not indicate official Apple, but our Apple Watch teardown with colleagues from iDoc revealed this capacity. Compared with the circulating on the Internet Akkuwerten of 38 mm variant of 205 mAh this would be already a decent growth. And is also noticeable in the test: only after around 20:15 hours makes the power cell to pass out – that’s less than four hours!

Apple Watch 42mm:bracelet diversity & top processing

Apple has a variety of bracelets on sale – 26 piece are a total, the price ranges from 60 to 500 euro. Replacing work easy by magnetic snap closure. In any case, make sure that the bracelet is reliably snaps! The wearing comfort of Fluoroelastomer bands like us. On the notion of Apple-watch in Cupertino in September 2014 we could win even a good impression of the order stainless steel bracelet, it stood for testing not available however. Processing of the clock there also at the Apple Watch sport 42 mm nothing to complain about – the digital Crown as well as the Favorites button stuck in the aluminium body. We show how excellent the Apple Watch as your training partner is good for the sport, Them in this detailed practice test. Everything remains fine and dandy, still the price: our test model with green sports wristbands 449 euros. Noble Android wear watches as the ASUS ZenWatch cost only half.

Apple Watch 42mm:alternative

The 38-millimeter version of Apple Watch sport is an alternative to the hand. She ended up in our Smartwatch leaderboard originally in 2nd place and with the 42 mm newcomer now moved up to 3rd place. The performance should have improved thanks to the WatchOS update, which was rolled out after the test. However, the price with less than 400 euros is still a hefty investment. There we would have but something cheaper:
We recommend that Pebble steel with metal casing and optional metal or leather strap for fair 200 euro. Pebble is so far the only manufacturer that offers Smartwatches for iOS in addition to Apple on the German market. The Pebble Steel has no touch screen though, but comfortably with the side buttons to operate. It is rather a second screen for the Smartphone. The E-Ink display saves power and helps run a gigantic time over 40 hours of the clock. The Pebble is suitable even for swimming. Meanwhile, over 6,000 apps for the Pebble are available, however, the Pebble OS allowed only eight apps on the clock.