Apple Is Working on Sleeping Racking and Additional Fitness Functions

As fresh as the Apple Watch Series 2 came on the market, so hot are rumors about future features of the manufacturer from Cupertino. It is to be expected that the electronics giant will concentrate even more intensively on sports functions. It already the latest SmartWatch Californian provides a number of improvements: thanks to a waterproof case can also float Apple Watch 2 wear and skiers, hikers and mountain bikers will find the built-in GPS module. In the meantime, wheelchair users can now resort to a movement recording. Nevertheless, this is by no means the end. In future, a more comprehensive evaluation and new extras will be expected. Another focus is also on sleeping racking, which is also likely to be realized soon.

Two other apps would like to offer Apple soon – one of them takes care of the fitness, the other for the sleep of the user. A watch of the night rest, including the recognition of low and light sleep phases could not offer any of the so far appeared Apple Watches. A very important reason is the manufacturer’s tip to charge the unit every night. In principle, sleep tracking could also be realized with the Apple Watch Series 2, because – depending on the intensity of the usage – the capacity of the battery is enough for a little more than two days.


Apple also works on another fitness app. This is to work with the heart rate meter hand in hand. It is recorded how long it takes for the user’s pulse to return to the normal level after physical exercise. In this way, the fitness state can be determined. To date, the minor evaluation of the performance data is sometimes criticized. On the one hand the clock collects a whole series of values, but on the other hand an extensive analysis is still too short. By working together with doctors, this is expected to improve significantly in the future. The above-mentioned app can, for example, better illustrate what correlations arise from values ​​such as the burned calorie quantity, the graduated number of steps, and the respective fitness level of the user.

Last but not least, the question as to when the users of Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 can count on these features. For the spring of 2017 an update of the currently current watchOS 3.0 to version 3.1 is to be expected. Either the new apps appear as part of this update or at the latest in the summer of next year. Then watchOS 4.0 should be made available as next generation of the operating system.