Apple and Hermes Release the Second Bracelet Series from Their Collaboration

Already in April appeared a series of wristbands for the Apple Watch, designed by the modéesigner Hermès. In addition to the noble leather bracelets, there were also exclusive watch interfaces for the buyers. Now with the release of the Apple Watch 2 also a Series 2 of Apple Watch Hermès. While the Hermès sports strap will be delivered free of charge at every Apple Watch 2, the other bracelets can be ordered individually for a proud price or purchased as a whole package as Apple Watch Hermès.

The bracelet is available on the one hand as a cuff with double buckle, which is based on a sandal design and has two buckles. These bracelet versions are available in Swift leather, Étoupe (brown); Epsom Leather, Rose Jaipur (Red) and Epsom Leather, Bleu Agate (Blue). As Apple Watch 2 this variant costs 1749 euros. Individually the bracelets cost 749 euros.


Another variation is the single tour with folding clasp. This bracelet has a special buckle and is available in Barenia leather, Fauve (brown). This variant costs 1599 euros and is apparently not available as a separate bracelet.

The same bracelet without buckle is also available (single tour). The colors Étoupe (Brown) and Anémone (Purple) are available from Swift leather. From Epsom leather, there is the bracelet in Rose Jaipur (Red), Bleu Agate (Blue) and Feu (Dark Red). The costs are depending on the leather 1349 to 1399 euros in the overall package and as single bracelets at 349 euros.

The extralange bracelet which is doubled is called double tour and costs 499 euros individually. The available color and material variants are Swift leather, Étoupe (brown); Swift leather, Anemone (purple); Epsom leather, Bleu Agate (dark blue); Leather, capucine (red brown); Leather, Bleu Jean (light blue) and Epsom leather, Rose Jaipur (Red). As an Apple Watch with one of these bracelets it cost 1499 euros.

All wristbands and smartwatches, if they are not already available, will soon be available.