Altruis X from Vinaya: Fitness Bracelet For Body and Well-Being

The young London Startup Vinaya has already developed a reputation, although it has only existed since 2015. For the first time, the company is distinguished by the smart ring Altruis, which came onto the market in the year. For this Wearable, there is now a successor, which was named Altruis X. Fitness tracking is just a task that this new device fulfills – it is also about the well-being of its wearer. This has become the hallmark of Vinaya. In the summer of this year, another wearable was presented with the Zenta and successfully financed by crowdfunding, which is also aimed at the harmony of mind and body.

The Altruis X Fitness Bracelet provides Vinaya with ten different designs. Another feature of the English start-up is that the products look less like a wearable, but rather a fashionable accessory.


The actual tracker comes in the shape of a zirconia stone and is the heart of the Altruis X of Vinaya. It is surrounded by a band of the choice: silicone, leather, and metal fabric are the various materials that the manufacturer provides, and for that it offers shades such as black, silver or rose gold.

Less extraordinary is that this stylish fitness bracelet counts the steps, measures the distance traveled, and monitors the calorie consumption as well as the sleep. Finally, there are countless other products. Also, the notification functions associated with the smartphone to make calls and the most diverse messages are less the peculiarity.

Interestingly, the Wearable makes the collaboration with the Altruis X app. On the basis of the activity data and the sleep monitoring, the fitness bracelet closes on other living habits and the mood of the wearer. It helps then to a better well-being for the soul. This includes, among other things, various meditation and breathing exercises, or helpful tips for less stress and a more comfortable lifestyle.

The recharge time of the Altruis X Fitness Bracelet is issued with a week. New energy can be fed using a USB cable. The price ranges between about one hundred and about 150 euros. The tracker can be ordered on the homepage of Vinaya from now on.